What's the Best Portable Massage Chair for Sale?

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With the number of portable massage chairs on the market rising, and all varying in their features and cost, you may consider it in your best interest to read a review that outlines the best of the best.

Through extensive research on a multitude of brands and models, this review outlines the massage chairs that deserve special recognition for their features, specifications, and affordable prices that have shot them above their competition.

First, however, while some readers may already have a solid grasp on the benefits of treatments and how therapy chairs can adequately provide a relaxing treatment, some readers may not be as familiar with the importance of relaxation. Therefore, before getting to reviews of the best portable massager chairs for sale, below is a brief explanation of their importance.

Why are Treatments so Important?

Massages can provide numerous benefits, ranging from relief from physical pain to offering help with psychological troubles. And of course, being more relaxed always improves your overall health.

Physical pain, such as back, head, and joint pain - often symptoms of illnesses such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis - serve as one reason individuals may decide to seek therapy. Symptoms associated with conditions such as cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, pregnancy, and strokes may also be treated through therapy in order to achieve some relief. Individuals struggling with psychological issues such as anxiety and depression have reported feeling relief through therapy as well.

Relaxation can also reduce muscle tension, and improve both joint mobility and circulation for people of all ages suffering from any number of illnesses that negatively impact their ability to function. They can be used as a tool for preventative care, or otherwise be beneficial in any and all stages of treatment for a variety of health conditions.

These products are one way individuals can experience the benefits of treatment care without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Professionals additionally recognize massage therapy chairs as a way to provide clients with beneficial means of care that can help improve and/or reduce unpleasant symptoms of the body and mind.

Best Portable Massage Chairs Reviewed

  • 1. Earthlite Vortex

    The best portable massage chair, as reviewed through an extensive research process, is the Earthlite Vortex. This lightweight, non-electric model has been deemed exemplary not only for its high-quality material that renders it incredibly comfortable, but for a number of reasons that include its package deal - which consists of not only the massage therapy chair but also:

    • A durable compact carrying case
    • Sternum pad
    • Padded shoulder strap

    Weighing in at only 15 lbs, it is the best lightweight massage chair on the market, constructed using an innovative frame made of aluminum for strength. This makes it ideal for mobility purposes, as it can be easily transported when folded and situated in its accompanying carrying case.

    The product is also easy to use and adjust, therefore convenient for individuals who may not have prior experience with these kinds of products. With its strong but comfortable cushioning and frame, the model can accommodate the weight of individuals up to 300 lbs.

    For its price, particularly in comparison to other high-quality products on the market, this Amazon package deal is very convenient for those looking to purchase a quality model with functional accessories.

  • 2. Portable Massage Chair Comfort

    The portable massage chair sold by BestMassage is another product worthy of special recognition. Accompanied by a free carrying case, this deal is another purchase that is particularly convenient for mobility purposes. The upright product is available in two colors - black and blue - and consists of an adjustable seat, headrest, and hand rest.

    Noted for its comfortable 100% Ultra Soft PU Surface and thick foam material, the model can support a static weight capacity of 700lbs and a working weight of 300lbs. Although not quite as lightweight as the previous model, it is still relatively light and convenient for use.

    Comparatively, the price for this product is also relatively cheap for individuals that are on a budget. While some quality may be sacrificed in exchange for its more budget-friendly cost, it is still one of the better professional portable massage chairs available on the market thanks to its price, quality of comfort, ease of use, free carrying case, and easy setup.

  • 3. StrongLite Ergo Pro II

    With a sturdy ergonomic design, and weighing in at only 19lbs, the StrongLite massage chair proves itself as both portable and strong. Highly adjustable, the ergonomic design of the product is available to meet the needs of individuals varying in size, which may be particularly beneficial for therapy practitioners on the lookout for a quality chair for clients.

    The high-quality foldable massage chair is part of a package, each purchase encompassing not only the model but also:

    • Attached wheels for mobility purposes
    • Sternum pad
    • Pouch for valuables
    • Ballistic nylon carrying case with a padded strap

    The primary perks of this model include its highly adjustable components and the ability to accommodate a variety of different positions for users. Further, its easily portable design, package accessories, and light weight make it an excellent option.

    The StrongLite is more than suitable to meet the needs of practitioners that have a higher budget allowance for their package purchase, but those that are looking for a better deal financially may best benefit from looking elsewhere.

  • 4. Master Massage Professional

    The portable massage chair by Master Massage serves as another top model to be used by either a professional therapist or everyday consumer for its lightweight frame and comfortable foam.

    Designed for professional use, it is an adequate lightweight, ergonomic product for licensed therapists and practitioners. With its sturdy aluminum frame, it is also able to support a working weight of up to 650 lbs, rendering it able to accommodate individuals of all sizes.

    The model - itself weighing just 15 lbs - is compact, convenient for mobility purposes, and layered with a Small Cell Foam Cushioning System that makes the product adjustable and adaptable to provide a number of therapeutic benefits depending on the needs of each individual user.

    Additional accessories included with the model:

    • Six-way adjustable face cradle
    • Convenient session pouch for storage of eyewear and jewelry
    • Comfortable memory foam layered pillow
    • Luggage-style wheeled carrying case

    This portable, supportive model and its included accessories are available at a decent cost, particularly for practitioners that are looking to buy a good-quality therapeutic chair without having to fork over hundreds of dollars.

  • 5. Royal Massage

    The Royal Massage Ataraxia Deluxe Portable Folding Massage Chair is another superb model that is able to provide the numerous therapeutic benefits of treatments. Accompanied by a carrying case and a strap, the product contains parts that are all adjustable to fit the individual needs of users varying in body type and size.

    The cushioning itself is covered with a synthetic leather material that is both oil-resistant and waterproof, rendering it both convenient and comfortable for use. Seated, users can experience the durability of the durable steel frame that does not make noise when being used.

    The components of the therapeutic chair include:

    • An adjustable headrest for support
    • Adjustable armrest
    • Adjustable chest pad
    • and an adjustable seat

    The portability of this model is also good as it is both lightweight weighing in at about 25 lbs and easily foldable.

    Although not manufactured with the same kind of innovative technology as some previous models, this product is able to provide some basic benefit afforded through its massaging capabilities at a price still lower than some of its competitors. It does not reach number one as the best portable chair on the market, but it is still one of the better models available for those looking to purchase a decent product.

  • 6. Cream Portable Massage Chair

    This cream-colored model serves as a simple but suitable-quality portable massage chair with chiropractic capabilities. Able to support a working weight of 300lbs, the product can provide a decent amount of support in consideration of its lightweight frame.

    Seated users can enjoy the convenience of the model's adjustable headrest, handrest, and seat. Like other models, the cushioning portion of the product has a 100% Ultra Soft PU Surface, designed for both comfort and functionality.

    In addition, the model can be folded for storage or mobility purposes and comes with a free carrying case. The product is easy to assemble, which serves as a satisfactory accompaniment to its portability.

    Available at a cheaper price than most quality products, under circumstances where a budget may not be accommodating of a higher-quality professional model, this recliner may certainly suffice.

  • So, Which One Should You Buy?

    This review provides basic descriptions of what have been deemed the best portable models currently on the market, through an examination of each product's features, cost, and any special accommodations and accessories that may accompany the purchase of the chair.

    Massage chairs can offer many benefits, including relief from unpleasant physical or psychological conditions. Choosing the right model for you is important as it can fit your personal needs for comfort, portability, adjustability, and budgetary convenience. These are the best models that we could find in the market right now and any of them are going to satisfy your needs for comfort. 

    You can also find more great massage chairs here that we've reviewed on our website. ​

    Good luck!​