What's the Best Panasonic Massage Chair? Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

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Panasonic is a company that was founded in 1918, but as a brand wasn’t introduced until 1955, used to represent audio speakers. From there, the brand has expanded to include many products spanning across dozens of markets. While they produce a vast range of products, that doesn’t mean they are lacking when it comes to quality.

These are just one of many products that the company produces. However, each model is created with the highest quality materials and is worthy of the brand. As far as a Panasonic massage chair review goes, we’ve compiled some of the best massage chairs they offer to provide a thorough look at their top options for sale.

Panasonic Massage Chairs Reviewed

1. Panasonic EP30007

  • This model of the Panasonic Massage Chair contains some of the most basic features out of their lineup. However, that doesn’t diminish just how great these features are, including the 5 pre-set programs. The Panasonic EP30007 includes controls that provide full-body relaxation. The head movements are geared towards loosening tight muscles using a Junetsu technique. The precision heads replicate several treatment styles, including Swedish, Shiatsu, and others. This model gives you the option to program your own experience or select from eight product programs to match any mood the user might be in.

    The EP30007 comes with an easy-to-use screen where all the programming takes place. People who have purchased this model and have given it a try rave about its functionality and how it makes them feel after a long day. It’s available in black, and the material that is used to make this cozy product is leather.

    2. Panasonic EP-MA73

  • This model of treatment recliner offers a little bit more than the EP-30007. For one, it has 6 pre-set programs rather than 5. Each of the 6 programs is set to mimic different techniques and focuses on targeting different problem areas where people experience the most discomfort due to stress brought on by everyday life.

    The Panasonic EP-MA73 also provides a lot more cushioning and head support for maximum comfort. The EP-MA73's design and function were inspired by different techniques utilized in ancient China. The advanced technology was designed to promote muscle relaxation and help boost the blood circulation in the body. Another added feature is its heated rollers that will help the user feel like they’re in a real spa or parlor. And this product, like the EP-30007, is upholstered in synthetic leather and comes in black; but unlike the latter, the EP-MA73 also comes in dark brown as well.

    3. Panasonic EP-MA70

  • The Panasonic EP-MA70 specializes in providing the best-heated massage experience. Their specialized rollers are made to mimic the soothing and warming comfort of a professional’s warm hands and healing properties of hot stone treatments. This product is typically described as being the most advanced when it comes to its massaging mechanism.

    Further, this is a lounger for people who experience a lot of swelling and muscle aches, ultimately offering a repair solution for people’s bodies. Their heated rollers can soothe sore or tense muscles and relieve swelling, all while stimulating circulation. This is due to the several proven techniques that trained masseuses use daily including, Shiatsu. Swedish, and Junetsu style. These techniques are said to loosen joints and release tense muscles. The EP-MA70 chair, like the EP-MA73, has six pre-set programs and is available in black. A good sitting in this recliner is guaranteed to have the user walking away feeling completely refreshed and ready to take on the world.

    4. Panasonic EP-MA10

  • This massage chair model isn’t as bulky as the other models that the brand offers, so one can assert that it may not contain as much of the comfort as other models. However, this low-profile recliner makes up for its lack of coziness with durability and a price tag that beats out all the other options Panasonic can offer.

    The Panasonic EP-MA10, using the same 3D roller to replicate centuries old Chinese techniques, this model works to provide its users with a whole-body restoration. This is done through their four pre-set treatments including Swedish, lower back, shoulders and neck, and deep rubdowns. However, the chair’s control panel allows the user to combine techniques and customize their product experience to an extent. The EP-MA10 only comes in black, but with all the great features and the affordability factor that this recliner offers, anyone would enjoy a session in it.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

As can be seen by our various Panasonic massage chair reviews, it all depends on what you are looking for out of your recliner. Price-wise, the MA10 can’t be beaten. Because of its low price tag, the model is missing out on the amazing features that some of the other options already have included. This product lacks some of the more impressive techniques and doesn’t include the heated rollers that some of the other brand options have. However, it does get the job done with its four programmed treatments. Yet, if you are looking for a product to make you feel completely reinvigorated from head to toe, then there are some better options.

For instance, take the EP-MA70 and the EP-MA73. Both models include heated rollers and 6 settings to give a more in-depth massage that combines the properties of the best techniques all in one product. The MA73 has a little more cushion than the MA70. However, the MA70 was specifically designed to help those with sore and aching muscles, joints, and reduce swelling. And as a bonus, the MA70 is slightly less expensive when compared to the MA73. The EP 30007 is a great intermediate chair. People who have used it rave about the relief they get from their neck and back pain because of this chair.

Ultimately, the type of treatment you want and need will dictate which recliner is best for your individual requirements. While the company offers a wide range of well-made products that boast various prices and expert options, you may be better off in investing in another brand. Considering the pricing, customization, and innovation of many other options, along with the simple fact that other brands specialize in just making massage chairs, it may be a more viable option for many consumers to invest their money with a brand that offers a more tailored model for their needs. Panasonic is in no way a bad choice for massage chairs, but for many people, selecting from other options may be better.