Panasonic EP1285KL Massage Chair: Full Body Shiatsu Massager To Relieve Stress And Pain

Are you looking to do something to relieve the aches and pains that you’re suffering due to stress? The advice your friends gave you was good, but not possible. They told you to go to a spa regularly for massage treatment! How on earth do they expect you to find the time for that in your already too-full days? Trying to fit in appointments would only stress you further.

Basically, your friends were right: Massage is just the thing you need. Back at the start of time people knew the advantages of massage and considering the same methods are used today, we can’t be doing much wrong. The only other alternative to a massage is for you to take medication, from which you could possibly suffer side effects.

But is that really the only alternative! No, it’s not. If you invest in a massage chair you’ll get all the benefits of a massage without having to try to juggle your daily schedule to fit in appointments with a masseur. Neither will you need to take medication.

We recommend the panasonic massage chair for many reasons. But can you just imagine enjoying the benefits of a massage without even having to leave home. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite TV program or just enjoy the company of your partner or your family while having a massage.

Nothing can be better than coming home from a stressful day at work knowing that you’ll be able to de-stress at the push of a button. And you’ll be able to do it whenever you feel the need or have the time without feeling further stressed out about trying to keep appointments.

Short Overview

So, you’ve totally rejected the idea of taking medication or regularly visiting a masseur at a spa. Then it’s time to think about purchasing the Panasonic EP1285L Massage Chair. You’ll get exactly the same benefits from it – that is relief from all those stress related aches and pains – as if you go to a spa for a massage.

You’ll be able to choose when to use it without having to make appointments that you’d possibly end up cancelling anyway. Let’s face it: there’s nothing more stressful than continually making and breaking appointments.

Perhaps you’ll decide to get up a little earlier and start off your day with a massage. Or maybe you’re a person who likes to de-stress after a hard day at work. Whichever kind of person you are – your panasonic massager isn’t going anywhere – it will always be at home waiting for you.

You won’t even need to give up any of the other things you enjoy either, like listening to music, or watching TV, you’ll find yourself enjoying them even more if you’re being massaged at the same time!


  • Massage helps to stimulate your brain. Endorphins, which are neurotransmitters, will be released and they help by reducing the pain messages that your brain receives.
  • You’ll feel the tension seeping away from your body as your muscles relax. As tense muscles restrict blood flow, not enough oxygen and nutrients are passed through your body to enable all toxins to be removed.
  • ​When the muscles around your vertebrae cramp up the vertebrae compresses. This, in turn, causes backache. The design of the massage chair is ideal as it takes away any pressure from your spine, thus relaxing it.
  • ​One muscle compensating for another is a problem you probably know all about. This just amounts to transference of pain – your back aches so you walk differently to try to ease it. Suddenly your back is okay, but you find that you have a pain somewhere else instead.
  • ​Your body produces cortisol when you are stressed, which could result in your blood pressure being too high. But massaging as soon as possible when you start feeling stressed will stop this from happening – a massage chair is a perfect stress-reducer.


  • Massage chairs all have a height and weight limit. If you are extremely tall or overweight check out the specifications of the chair before purchasing it. Overweight people may need to lose a little weight first. Sorry, if you’re extremely tall, there’s not a lot you can do about it other than try to find a chair that will take your height!
  • Should you suffer with low blood pressure you should first check up with your medical practitioner whether or not you are a suitable candidate for a massage chair. You don’t want to exchange one lot of problems for another - and neither do you want to waste your money.

Product Specifications

As a massage chair is a big investment – they certainly don’t come cheap – you should really consider the product specification before making a purchase. You’ll no doubt want one that offers value for money, while at the same time looks good in whichever room you keep it in at home.

This Urban Collection massage chair from Panasonic is just the one for you. It’s the ideal product to give you a massage at home without spoiling your home décor. Produced from really high quality leather and the legs and arms have brushed aluminum accents to give it that luxurious look. So if you’re looking for a product that will give you all the benefits you need and at the same time enhance your décor then this is the one for you.

You’ll have the choice of 4 programs that have been pre-set and an extra 8 that are manual modes. The pre-set programs include Chiro mode, quick mode, Swedish and Shiatsu. These offer even more muscle relaxation than an average massage and take around 15 minutes. If you look at the panasonic massage chair reviews you’ll see that the massage heads have been described as ‘being massaged by human hands’. What’s more, to personalize your massage there’s even a remote control.

If you prefer to use the manual settings you have a choice of the following:

Tapping, Soft Shiatsu, Regional & Full Roll, Hawaiian, Swedish, Compression and Knead. Whichever you use, you’ll be amazed at the therapeutic effects of muscle relaxation. Your blood flow will increase, thus promoting you health.

There’s a motorized leg lift for comfort while massaging your legs. The massage involves squeezing your legs, stretching them and pulling them to relax the muscles.

For a zero gravity position the chair also has a motorized recline. The advantage of zero gravity is that your blood circulation will be better because of your legs being elevated above your heart. This will then reduce the rate of your heart so tension and pressure on your spine will be reduced. Absolute heaven – you certainly won’t regret your purchase.

What Benefits Will You Have?

With so many benefits it’s hard to know where to start listing them. But if you’ve found that your friends no longer want to meet up with you because they can’t cope with your stress levels – you need to do something about it. Maybe your relationship is suffering because you’re partner just can’t take it anymore either. Then de-stressing with the Panasonic massage lounger is just what you need.

But don’t expect miracles – it doesn’t stop you from getting stressed out with your boss – but it does relieve the stress at the end of the day. Maybe you should recommend one to your boss as well!

You can’t do any better than the panasonic lounger if you want a massage without having to leave your own four walls. You won’t even have to listen to complaints from your partner that he or she doesn’t want to have such an ugly, bulky object sitting in the middle of the living room. This product is so attractive that it will really enhance your home décor.

But is it really worth spending so much money on? That’s for you to know, not us! But to help you answer this question we’ve compiled a list of things for you to consider before making a decision.

1. Do you have a job where you need to stand on your feet all day long? This results in your legs aching at the end of the day and no matter what you do you can’t seem to find relief. You’ve tried putting your feet up on the sofa to no avail. You’re even kept awake during the night because of the aches and pains while lying in bed.

2. Maybe your job involves working many hours at the computer. Do you find that you suffer a lot of headaches, or even migraine, because of this? Or possibly you just suffer from pains in your neck or in your shoulders. Again, no matter what you do there’s no relief for you. Not even sitting on the sofa works so you end up not being able to get comfortable enough to watch TV to help you de-stress.

3. If travelling is important to your job, do you find that your back hurts after sitting in your car for long journeys? You can try to relax it when you get home by taking a hot shower or having a hot bath. But does that really work?

4. Sleep apnea is one of the problems many people have which results directly from stress. Sleeping suddenly becomes a nightmare for you – tossing and turning cause extra aches and pains in the morning.

5. Medication may give you relief, but do you really want to keep taking it long-term? You could just end up exchanging one problem for another if have side effects from taking it. Making appointments for a massage is impossible as you are so busy, and you’re not really a lover of natural remedies.

Considering all these questions you should now be able to decide on the value of investing in the Panasonic EP1285KL Massage Chair.

What Body Parts Benefit From It?

As you can surely imagine, there’re hardly any body parts that won’t benefit from using this panasonic massager. Maybe you are old enough to remember the first massage chairs that were introduced onto the market. Looking back at them today, they were really very basic. But they could still give relief to anyone suffering from daily stress and tension by massaging those aches and pains from your back, thus relieving that tension. Today’s products have become so much more innovative that they do a lot more than just benefit your back.

This Panasonic chair has 44 massage modes in total so there’ll definitely be something there to awaken your interest.

With just 14 airbags, this one may not have as many as other brands, but it is certainly just as effective in providing thorough massage services.

The upper body massage rigorously massages your back. The area for this massage is 135 sq. ins. But maybe you want a lower body massage which covers from your thighs to the soles of your feet – an area of 132 sq. ins. Whichever one you choose you can be sure of getting the same effect as that of being gently massaged by a human hand.

The choice is yours – do you want a Chiro massage, Swedish, Junetsu, Hawaiian or Shiatsu. Or are you interested in kneading, rolling, tapping or compression.

The Chiro, Swedish, Quick and Shiatsu have been pre-programed so you just need to press a button. Otherwise there are 8 modes that you can set manually.

If you suffer with aching legs, try out the leg massage. This will gently give you reflexology massage on your calves, shins and feet. You’re guaranteed total muscle relaxation from this. But don’t forget, you do have the leg stretch option, too.

Each session lasts for 15 minutes, which is quite long enough for you to be able to fit in a session every day if need be. You’ll soon come to realize for yourself exactly what benefits it offers.


If you’re looking for a chair that will give you the relief from stress and tension that you are so much in need of, you’ve found it! Not only will it give you this relief, but it will also keep your partner happy because it will fit in well to your home décor. This could be the answer to all your prayers!