What's the Best Osaki Massage Chair?Review, Ratings & Buying Guide

Osaki Massage Chairs brand Review Cover

Osaki is stalwart among high quality and high-end massage chair brands. With several quality products on the market, consumers will find it beneficial to spend time studying the various models and determining which one is right for them. Which is the reason why we made this Osaki massage chair review page so we can talk about all the ratings, recommendations and prices for these products. 

This review is designed to help consumers be well informed about the Osaki brand and the comfort it offers. Whether you are on a budget or are looking for a product that will fit your specific needs, Osaki has dedicated themselves to producing a unique relaxing experience for consumers. With their futuristic looks, Osaki brand massage chairs are truly set apart from other brands.

Osaki Massage Chairs Reviewed

  • 1. Osaki OS-4000

    The innovative OS-4000 is unique among massage chairs with its zero gravity position capabilities and patented airbag system. This model can perform in a refreshing way compared to other massage chairs. The 4000 and 4000t models are designed with all body shapes and sizes in mind. Whether you are tall or petite, the OS-4000’s auto leg scanner automatically adjusts for leg length and height.

    Additionally, the OS-4000 comes with a sleek S-Track system that helps to realign the spinal area to its natural curvature. The 4000 is also touted by many consumers to have helped with breathing issues, cardiovascular health, chronic pain, and muscle fatigue. While the intensity of the of the 4000 is perfect for adults, it may be too strong for younger users.


  • 2. Osaki OS-7200H

    Like the OS-4000, the OS-7200H carries a lot of unique features. In addition to the two-stage zero gravity positioning technology, the 7200H offers two superb neck massage features. The first is the pillow, which comfortably supports your head and neck – giving you a relaxing feeling. Then, when a more intense session is desired, simply lift the pillow up and over the back of the product to reveal dual rollers for a thorough neck rubbing.

    Users who enjoy music will also benefit from this model. The remote controller provides an auxiliary input for an MP3 music player. The sound is fed to speakers on either side of the user’s head, so users can listen to relaxing music during their session. Perhaps the only drawback to the 7200H is it only comes with one remote controller, but it can be set in a stationary position or operated by hand in the reclining position.

  • 3. Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber

    This Osaki massage chair is the latest in sophisticated technology. The most prominent feature is the patented 3D body scan and roller system. The 3D system is designed to be more sensitive to the body, by operating at a variable intensity across the body’s dynamic shape.

    The 3D rollers can lengthen up to 8cm, effectively working out trigger points and hard to reach muscle groups. The 3D Pro also comes with heating pads specifically designed for users who deal with chronic lower back pain and muscle fatigue. While lacking in very little, the sleek and futuristic design may set it apart from the rest of your home décor.

  • 4. Osaki OS-1000

    The OS-1000 is perfect for users who are looking for the basics while also trying to adhere to a budget. The 1000 provides a 20-airbag system that covers a wide surface area – providing everything from a thorough massage in the neck to the lower back and thigh regions as well. With 5 different presets, which include point, moving, and several 20-minute auto massage modes, the OS-1000 provides a wide range of options for the consumer’s money.

    The product is also modest in design and comes in an array of colors. Both of which will make it easy to add to your home’s décor. The 3D Pro Cyber has some of the best consumer ratings, but its price tag is slightly higher than that of other models.

  • 5. Osaki OS-7075R

    The OS-7075R is Osaki’s improved variation on the popular OS-7000 massage chair. The 7075R provides a unique infrared body scanning feature that accurately maps out the user’s body features, size, and shape. The result is a touch which is sensitive in tender areas and firm in areas in need of relief and recovery.

    In addition to what was offered on the original 7000 models, the 7075R includes added foot rollers which target the user’s soles, 46 airbags for a wider coverage area, and 13 additional motors which improve the efficiency of the product's function while providing a natural feeling, human-like massage. One downside to the 7075R is it does not come with the auto leg adjustment system and height and leg length adjustments must be done manually.

  • 6. Osaki OS-7000

    The OS-7000 provides some of the strongest intensity roller massages on the market. With three different intensity settings, users can choose between a more sensitive feeling or a deep tissue session to work out those muscle knots.

    Perhaps the 7000’s most unique feature is the exclusive Thai Stretching system. The system utilizes airbags to hold your upper body in place while the seat plate moves the rest of the user’s body forward to stretch the spinal column. This allows the body’s tendons and ligaments to advantage more from the massage session.

    Another unique feature of the OS-7000 is the very first head massage system available on a chair. The only downside to this feature is that a cap must be worn during the session, and it may feel cumbersome and unnatural to wear it.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

In conclusion, Osaki offers some of the most original massage chair designs on the market. The company's product designs are by far sleeker than the competition and the model's innovative technologies can feel just as revolutionary as the chairs looks. In short, you really can’t go wrong investing in one of their products as you can see in our reviews.

Osaki has been first in many respects among massage chair brands. For example, the brand is responsible for introducing the first head rubbing capability on a household massage chair as well as the first to provide air shoulder massage technology.

These products show that Osaki is heavily vested in consistently providing a more human touch to the massage experience. You won't regret getting invested in one of these.