Osaki OS-7200H Review: The Ultimate Heat And Massage Treatment

Stress and tension, which often cause aches and pains, are common problems of today’s society. Suffering from any kind of pain or discomfort is no fun for anyone, but what can you do to relieve the symptoms? Of course, you can seek medical help or book a course of expensive physiotherapy. In some cases, this is absolutely necessary. But not so in all cases.

If your problem is not a serious one, you can take the situation into your own hands. How? The answer is by simply ‘treating’ yourself at home. Give yourself a ‘treat’ by purchasing a massage recliner chair. You can use it whenever you have the time, day or night without having to leave the comfort of your own home. The next question you’ll ask yourself is ‘There are so many products on the market, which one should I buy?’

On this page, you’ll be given information about one of the best value for money massage recliner chairs on the market. Due to its many features which can be customized to your personal needs, the Osaki OS-7200H is a superior product. You will find relief for your symptoms in the comfort of your own home after only a short period of time.

To find out why the Osaki OS-7200H is a superior model which you should consider purchasing, read on.

Quick Overview

The Osaki massage recliner chair comes in four colors, namely black, brown cream and charcoal. So you are able to match it to your personal décor. You can also adjust it to suit your personal needs. Whether you are extremely short or extremely tall you can adjust the chair to suit the length of your legs. But beware; there is a weight limit of 265lbs.

This heated massage chair is an intelligent massage robot set with a special focus on massaging the neck, shoulder and lumber regions in the upper body according to your individual body curve. It automatically detects your body curve and makes micro adjustments accordingly. In the lower body regions, it concentrates on your buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. There is even a heating function for your shoulder area.


  • It is suitable for people of any age, whether young or old so your whole family can enjoy the benefits
  • The various settings allow you to personalize the chair to the intensity and style of massage you prefer
  • The amount of pre-installed settings offered is amazing. You can set it to muscle relief, anti-stress, muscular recovery, wake up, rolling, tapping, kneading or even shiatsu and Swedish massage
  • It hits every muscle in your neck, back, hips, legs and feet by twisting, rolling and pounding on you
  • All options offered are enjoyable and relaxing


  • As the chair is produced in China, the translation of the manual leaves a lot to the imagination
  • Some information in the manual about building up the chair is misleading, possibly a result of translation. As long as you are aware of this it’s not so difficult to assemble.

Product Specifications

If you’re looking for the best value massage recliner on the market, the Osaki OS 7200h is a must.

This recliner chair with heat and massage features not only looks good, but is also comfortable. It is equipped with quad style rollers offering a wide variety of settings and features. The benefit of these rollers is that they enable penetration deep into the tissue of your muscles.

Whether you are 5’2” or 6’5” the longer 31” roller stroke, which is set to mimic the human hand, is able to massage from your neck down to your tailbone. Your tired muscles will be loosened and elongated thus helping you to feel refreshed. At the same time, it helps to give you more energy.

Its 3D massage rollers are aimed to massage broader and more intense than regular massage rollers. The massage heads can be extended or protruded for an even deeper massage experience when required. Its 3D technology also enables your acupuncture points to be massaged with more accuracy.

The osaki zero gravity massage chair has the advantage of body scan equipment which customizes your experience. You just need to choose a setting from the 5 levels of intensity, ranging from average to extremely strong, get comfortable and enjoy the experience. Pure luxury.

This heat and massage chair is even equipped with 51 accurately placed airbags which are set to massage all your vital areas. Imagine relaxing and having your neck, shoulder, back, buttocks, arms, hands, calves, feet and lumbar areas all massaged in one sitting. Isn’t that everyone’s dream?

The zero gravity recliner massage chair also has an automated multi-stage zero gravity reclining system. You just need to press a button and the whole thing swivels. Reclining and elevating your lower limbs to a “zero-gravity” position not only helps to alleviate pressure on your spine, but also alleviates pressure from your head down to your toes.

Should you be looking for a more intense massage experience than this, then set it to the 2nd zero gravity position.

To get more pleasure out of the experience, just plug in your cell phone to the plugin jack on the remote. This will enable you to listen to music of your choice while having a massage.

What Are The Main Benefits

Do you need to relax and unwind after a long day at work? Are you looking for more than a simple massage? Then the osaki zero gravity massage chair is a must for you. This powerful, elaborate device offers different types of massage and relaxation techniques which can massage every part of your body.

Why should you invest in this product? Let’s take a look at some benefits you will experience if you decide on investing in it.

Before you make a decision, you should ask yourself the following questions. They will help you decide whether this product is the right one for you.

  1. Do you have a sedentary job, spending hours sitting in front of a computer or at a desk?
  2. Do you suffer with backache when you have to spend many hours travelling by car?
  3. Do you have a job where you have to stand for hours on end so you go home with aching legs and feet?
  4. Do you have problems relaxing when you go to bed at night because of stiffness in your back muscles?
  5. Have you tried various remedies to alleviate the problem, but none have done the trick?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should seriously consider investing in the best zero gravity massage chair on the market, namely the Osaki OS-7200H. You will be amazed at the huge benefits you will get from using it.

You’re probably asking yourself how a massage chair can possibly help improve your health. The answer is easy. By using the chair regularly, your health will improve due to the fact that massage increases blood circulation. Increased circulation ensures that all the body’s nutrients are transported to where they are needed much faster. The result of this is a feeling of well-being.

Regular massage can also benefit you as it strengthens and tones your body. This in turn protects you from strains, sprains and injuries. Who wants to suffer injuries if something can be done to avoid them!

The two-stage zero gravity recline places your body in an almost weightless position. This helps to decompress and relax your spine, release tension in your back muscles and aid your circulation. It can improve and increase your blood flow, thus preventing the possibility of high blood pressure.

But, with your busy lifestyle, when can you find the time to go for a professional massage at a spa? Not everyone has the time, or even the money for regular sessions at a spa or with a personal therapist. No need to worry, time-wise, you can take advantage of the zero gravity massage recliner at any time of day or night. Whether you just want to relax alone after a hard day’s work, relax while spending time with your kids or even when you are watching TV, time is no problem.

Overall, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best massage recliner choices you can make.

What Parts Of The Body Does It Work On?

Initially, massage chairs were designed to relieve tension, alleviate back pain and relieve stress. But today’s massage chairs can do so much more. By pressing, sweeping, patting, kneading and long rolling strokes they generate many health benefits.

But what parts of the body does the Osaki OS.7200H work on? Let’s start with the head. With the quad roller head massage, you get feeling that human hands are massaging you. Setting it to your personal needs can increase the intensity of the head massage. Say good-bye to headaches!

Have you always associated massage with muscles as most people do? Yes, of course you have, and yes, this product does also work on your muscles. After just one session you will feel the reduction of tension and stress.

In turn, reduction of tension and stress will make you feel more relaxed and give you the feeling of well-being. This occurs due to the stimulation of endorphins in your body during the massage.

If you suffer from back pain, pain in the neck or pain in basically any area of your body, the reclining massage chair is essential for you. Customizing it to your own specifications helps to reduce any form of pain.

Try out the hip and pelvis massage – 6 airbags inflate and squeeze the hips inwards. During this program, the muscles of the thighs stretch due to the soft air stimulation.

The chair can also be customized to massage the areas on your calves and feet by use of the auto leg scan. The dual foot roller even offers a reflexology massage to the bottoms of the feet targeting acupoints. There are pressure point balls that process a focused pinpoint massage.

Are you one of the many people who have problems with posture? With the help of the spine-contouring s-track system the chair can help you maintain good posture by aligning your spine. What more do you need?

What Is The Benefit Of Heat Treatment?

Heat therapy is also known as thermotherapy. Heat is used for the relief of pain and for also your well-being. But what are the benefits of using a reclining massage chair with heat?

If you suffer from arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, deep tissue injuries or inflammation and muscle stiffness, you will soon realize the benefits it can offer you. Warmth radiated from the two heating pads located behind the shoulders release tension in the muscles in the upper back. This, in turn, enables you to relax.

Various other problems can also be treated by the use of heat therapy. Heat opens up your blood vessels, thus promoting your circulation. It also raises the temperature of your tissues thereby offering nutrients, proteins and oxygen to your body. At the same time, it helps to eliminate carbon dioxide from your body.

Anyone suffering regularly from normal headaches or migraine headaches will benefit from heat treatment. Heat applied constantly to these parts of the body can relax the tightening neck and upper back muscles thus relieving the pain.

As you can see, heat therapy can be really helpful in alleviating pain in any part of your body, but more so when used together with massage therapy.


The Osaki OS-7200H full body massage chair is an exceptional product. This chair allows you to have the deluxe, soothing massage experience that you always dreamed of having. The OS-7200H is so much more than a massage chair – it is an affordable item that will change how you look at leisure and luxury.

If you’re looking for a massage chair that offers everything that you’ve ever dreamed of, then the Osaki OS-7200H is the right one for you – just don’t rely too much on the instruction manual!