Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Recliner: Heated Treatment for A More Effective Result

Life was expected to be easier with the introduction of computers and Information Technology. It definitely is to a certain extent, but it has brought along a lot of stress with it. Much more competition on the job market today is the cause of this. Of course, this results in aches and pains in places you’d never experienced before.

A visit to your medical doctor didn’t really help as he only offered medication to help you de-stress. Naturally, you’re worried about the side effects of that. Your clever friend suggested going to the spa for a course of massage – a wonderful idea. But how on earth can you fit any more appointments into your already overfilled daily schedule? It’s really a vicious circle that you don’t know how to get out of. The answer is actually simple! Have you never thought of purchasing a medical massage chair? This could be the answer to all your prayers. No medication to cause side effects, no trying to fit in appointments that you’ll only end up having to cancel! You’ll be able to massage as often as you want, whenever you find those couple of spare moments. And what’s more – you won’t have to leave the house.

There are many products on the market but we definitely recommend purchasing a massaging recliner chair with heat. Again, there are quite a lot to choose from so you’re probably thinking: ‘How do I know which one is the best?’ We are convinced that you won’t find anything better than the Medical Breakthrough Massage Recliner. And why is that? This is the only chair on the market that was designed by doctors – 25 of them in all, surgeons, pain specialists and chiropractors. This really is a medical breakthrough!

Short Overview

Having been designed by so many professional people you can be sure that you’re purchasing a product that will help you medically. Using massage chairs without medical advice can sometimes cause more problems.

Despite being designed by professionals we still recommend a visit to a medical doctor before purchasing one to be sure that there are no underlying causes for your ailments.

This medical breakthrough massage chair will massage every part of you. You’ll find relief for your body, your arms and legs and of course, your feet. You’ll also have the choice of heat to go with it – pure luxury!

You’ll be able to customize it to your individual needs, or those of your family. But that’s not all. You’ll also be able to save the settings so you don’t have to go through the same process next time to find your favorite setting.


  • All the family will be able to enjoy it – you won’t have to worry about size or age of family members.
  • It has a unique auto scan feature that will customize your massage. It will even save it for future use. It’s even possible to customize and save for all members of your family.
  • ​The zero gravity positioning will allow you more relief from the massage. There’ll be less pressure to your spine as it will be parallel to the floor. At the same time, your knees will be positioned above the heart level.
  • ​The ‘L’ shaped backtrack is so designed to fit each curve of your body. This means extra comfort for you.
  • ​Each of the massaging techniques will make you feel as though intelligent human hands are massaging you. Sheer heaven! You can choose from shiatsu, flapping, kneading, knocking or simultaneous flapping and kneading.
  • You can choose your own level of intensity with different levels offered for different parts of the body. You can also choose to massage with heat.
  • No more trying to arrange appointments that you know you will probably end up cancelling. Just relax in your own home with your personal ‘masseur’.


  • Not suitable for anyone extremely tall or weighing more than 250lbs.
  • The instructions are not completely clear.

Product Specs

We hope we’ve managed to whet your appetite about this product. Knowing that medical professionals designed it, you can be sure it’s right for any health issues you’re dealing with.

It’s only comes in black, but this is a color that will fit in with any home décor. You can even slide down the backrest frame when not in use so it will fit closer to the wall. You’ll be able to save a little floor space that way.

With its choice of massages that can be customized together with the heat feature you’ll soon feel better. Your blood circulation will improve, your back will no longer ache, and you can say goodbye to headaches.

Whether you’re averagely tall or short you can enjoy this chair. The Smart Body scan system built in to it will detect the position of your body. It will then adjust the chair accordingly to give you a massage that is targeted exactly where you need it. What’s more it will save this information for further use.

It offers 6 massage programs that are automatic and there are five levels of speed. You’ll definitely find something amongst those to suit your needs.

To make the experience even more enjoyable you can use the heating function. With soothing infrared heat, you will be warmed from the inside to the outside.

For an extra boost you can try out the chiropractic back stretch. Inflatable airbags will stretch your back muscles gently while gripping your hips. This offers relief to any tense muscles.

And with zero gravity your weight will be distributed evenly across the chair for perfect relaxation.

What Will The Benefits Be?

Of course, you’re asking yourself this question. A massaging recliner chair with heat is not something you buy every day. And, of course, it is an expensive investment. But if you choose to purchase the Medical Breakthrough Massage Recliner you’ll really be getting good value for money. If you didn’t feel that you needed to do something to help you relax after a hectic day at work, you wouldn’t be reading this. With this product you can be sure that it’s been designed with health issues in mind. The first thing doctors check out with minor health issues is how stressed you are. With all the features this product offers you’ll definitely find just the one you need to de-stress and relax.

Still not convinced? Most people start thinking: ‘There’s a lot of money involved. Is it really worth the investment?’ And it’s right to think that way. You certainly don’t want to rush out and purchase a product, possibly a cheap one, to find it’s no good. We’ve compiled a list of questions for you to consider which will help you make a decision.

  • How active are you in your job? Maybe you stand or walk about all day. That means that by the time you get home your feet and legs are aching.
  • Do you have a sedentary job? Sitting at a computer for hours on end causes the tops of your arms, shoulders and neck to ache.
  • Do you need to travel a lot on a daily basis? Sitting in a car for long periods of time could make your backache.
  • Do you have trouble sleeping because you can’t relax? This is probably due to your back muscles aching or feeling stiff.
  • What remedies have you already tried? You’ve probably tried everything possible, but to no avail.

Do you now agree that purchasing a recliner with heat and massage really is worth the investment? But don’t just go out and purchase any old massage chair. You won’t necessarily get value for money if you buy the wrong one. In choosing the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair you’ll be sure to get that value for money. And you’ll also know that it’s been medically designed to help relieve any health issues.

How will you really benefit from it? By using it regularly you’ll be amazed at the feeling of well-being it gives you. Massage is known to help your blood circulate better. Better circulation will ensure that the necessary nutrients reach the parts of the body they need to.

Not only will you start feeling good, but you’ll also start looking better. Massaging at regular intervals will strengthen and tone up your body.

The zero gravity feature will distribute your body weight over the chair so you’ll have the feeling of being weightless. Your spine will be relaxed and the tension will just flow out of you. It will also help your circulation to improve and that removes the risk of high blood pressure.

Massaging at home will also put less pressure on you. It can be very embarrassing having to cancel appointments at the spa on a regular basis. As if trying to find the time to make the appointment wasn’t stressful enough!

What’s more, if you don’t massage regularly you won’t appreciate the benefits it offers. Breaking appointments won’t allow you to benefit from it.

Now you’ll be able to massage exactly when you want. And also, for as long as you want, within reason! You can massage to relieve tension, because of any aches and pains or just for pleasure. The pleasure of it is also being able to do it without having to leave home.

There are some interesting medical breakthrough massage chair reviews to be found. Take a look at them and see what others have to say.

Does It Work On All Parts Of The Body?

When you consider what the first massage chairs were like, there’s no comparison with the ones on offer today. But let’s face it – they worked well enough for the people of that era. Because of computerization things have become far more sophisticated nowadays. You’ll find relief for all kinds of ailments with the Medical Breakthrough massage chair. This will be done by means of shiatsu, flapping, knocking, kneading and simultaneous kneading and flapping. These are already programed into the chair.

There are also two memory functions so that you can save the position the body scan system detects as being right for you.

Your muscles will be the main part of your body to benefit – and by muscles, we mean all of your muscles. The scan system will detect each part of your body that it has to reach. So, you’ll be massaged practically from head to foot.

Once the tension goes out of your muscles you’ll start feeling more alive and able to cope with your life again. This happens because a massage stimulates the endorphins your brain produces to cope with pain.

The ‘L’ shaped back adapts to your body’s curves so you’ll be provided with absolute comfort. It’s also good for your spine so you’ll even be doing something for your posture.

You’ll have a choice of the modes for your upper body: overall, partial or fixed massage. And you can choose from five speeds for each of these.

For your full body, your arms and your legs you’ll be able to enjoy the air pressure massage. This offers three levels of intensity that are adjustable.

And finally, for your feet you can have a foot and calf roller massage. This includes a massage for rotating the toe root. And there’s a mastoid skin scraping massage for the arches and heals of your feet.

The best of it all is that you don’t even have to leave home to enjoy it!

Is There A Benefit To Heat Treatment?

Heat treatment is known to be a natural cure for relieving pain. It relaxes the muscles and relaxed muscles don’t ache so much. A heat lamp or a hot shower or bath may do the job for some, but you’ll only get temporary relief from them.

By adding heat to your massage you’ll really be doing your body a favor.

The Medical Breakthrough chair uses infrared heat that is completely soothing. The heat it radiates will warm you from your inside to your outside. This means that every possible muscle in your body will benefit from it. Let’s face it, if your muscles are knotted, it will take longer to massage the knots away without heat. If you suffer from such ailments as muscle stiffness, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or any kind of inflammation the benefit will be even greater.

Heat therapy is actually an excellent therapy for many symptoms. The heat will open up your blood vessels. The temperature of your tissues will improve so oxygen, nutrients and proteins needed will flow easier to where they need to be. And, of course, it will be easier for the carbon dioxide to be dispersed from your body.

By applying heat to your shoulders and neck the knotted muscles around this area will relax. That could mean the end to any headaches or migraine attacks.

Using heat treatment while having a massage is not only enjoyable, but also healthy.


If you believe that you deserve the best (which you should do!) then spoil yourself and invest in the Medical Breakthrough Massage Recliner. You’ll never regret it.