Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300

Are you so stressed out that you’re body has started aching in places you didn’t even know you had? This is quite common nowadays, but not something that you need to put up with. You’ve possibly asked family or friends for advice, but the only advice they could give was to have a regular massage at your local spa. How on earth can you be expected to fit that in to your already over-filled day? Even thinking about it makes you feel more stressed!

But when you think about it, this advice was not completely wrong. Even centuries ago people took advantage of the healing process of massage. And the methods used today are not so much different from those used in the past.

As an alternative, you could, of course, visit your medical doctor who will prescribe medication to ease the pain. But is that the right course to take – you could end up with side effects from the medication. This means you’ll just be exchanging one problem for another.

So, now you’re back to square one! Ah, but think again – you could invest your hard earned money in purchasing a massage chair. You’ll feel the benefits of a massage without having to make or break appointments at the spa. You won’t have to worry about side effects from medication either.

Our recommendation is for the Kahna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300. And why is this? It’s because you’ll get all the benefits you need without having to leave the comfort of your home. Depending on where you place the chair, you’ll be able to catch up with the news on TV at the same time, or even just relax further with your favorite music. You could even enjoy the company of your partner at the same time, if that’s what you want. Can you just image knowing that as soon as you get home from work you’ll be able to de-stress to avoid being impatient with your partner for no reason. And all that just by pushing a button! What’s more, you can massage day or night whenever the fancy takes you. No more stressing out about making or breaking appointments either.

Quick Overview

So, if you need convincing further carry on reading. You won’t be making the wrong choice if you purchase the kahuna massage chair sm 7300. You’ll get all the relief you need from your aches and pains without having to go to the local spa.

You can massage day or night – no more making and breaking apointments which you’d probably get embarrassed about anyway.

If you’re an early bird you could get up half an hour earlier and massage before going to work. It could be a preventative to becoming stressed at work. Or when you come home from work completely stressed out, massaging will relax you so you can enjoy the evening with your partner. Your kahuna sm 7300 will always be there ready for you.

There’s no worry about not finding the time for massaging because you need to catch up with the news on TV or don’t want to miss your favorite program. Watching TV will become more enjoyable while being massaged.


  • Your brain will be stimulated while you’re massaging and thus release the neurotransmitters, endorphins, that are produced to reduce pain messages to your brain.
  • As your muscles start relaxing you’ll feel the tension ebbing away. When your muscles are tense your blood flow is limited. Then not enough nutrients and oxygen pass through your body.
  • ​If you suffer backache, it’s because the vertebrae muscles become cramped. As a massage chair relieves pressure on the spine, these muscles will soon relax.
  • ​You’ll no longer have to worry about pain transference – muscle pains make you move differently, thus putting more strain on other muscles. By trying to alleviate the pain in your back you’ll end up with a pain in another part of your body instead.
  • ​Stress causes your body to produce cortisol. This is often the reason for high blood pressure. So if you massage regularly, you’ll be avoiding getting stressed out then there’ll be no further problems from high blood pressure.


  • There is a weight and height limit for using massage chairs. It’s always best to check the specifications before you decide to purchase one, as each product has different specifications. But exceptionally large people may have a problem fitting in one.
  • If you have a medical problem such as low blood pressure check with your doctor whether you could use one or not. You won’t want to throw away your money by purchasing a product you can’t use.

Product Specs

Massage chairs are not cheap so you really need to consider the specifications before purchasing one. Naturally, value for money will be important to you, but just as important it whether or not it fits in to your home décor.

The Kahuna massage chair is an ideal choice as it delivers what it promises and won’t look out of place wherever you place it. It’s also suitable for larger people up to 6.5ft in height and weighing up to 320lbs. This is due to the 21 inch seating area and 24 inch shoulder area. It also has a 12-inch leg extension to accommodate taller people.

You’ll be able to choose from 5 auto programs such as Yoga Stretching, Pain Relief, Fast Recovery and Relaxation. And there are a further 4 special auto programs, namely Golfer, Office Person, Senior Mode and Dynamic Sport. All of these offer a special experience in massaging while in a zero gravity position. The zezo gravity position will make you feel weightless as your legs are higher than your heart. This helps to relieve any pressure on your spine.

What’s more, you’ll even be able to customize your massage with the acupoint body detection feature. Can you just imagine the sheer luxury of a wrap around foot and calf massage when you’ve been on your feet all day!

There’s also a possibility of various types of massage. You could try out shiatsu, knocking, tapping or kneeding or even tapping and knocking together. What’s more it also has a heating feature. All of these will have the therapeutic effect of relaxing your muscles. Your health will benefit as you blood flow increases.

One unique feature of this product is that it has zipper leg extension coverings which can be taken off for laundering or even for replacing when they are worn out.

For your protection there is a cut off massage time control feature up to 30 minutes.

What Benefits Are There?

The benefits are numerous so where to start? First you’ll be happy to know that friends and family will want to be in your company once more when you become de-stressed. You won’t have the worry about your relationship deteriorating either. You’ll also find that you don’t get quite as stressed out with your boss.

There’s no better product than the Kahuna chair for massaging at home. It will suit most décors so your partner will have nothing to complain about.

But do you really need to invest so much of your hard earned money? Only you will have the answer to that. To help you decide whether or not it is worth purchasing consider the following points first.

  • Are you on your feet most of the day? If so, your legs are probably aching by the time you get home and it’s impossible to find relief. Relaxing on the sofa with your feet up doesn’t help. And even lying in bed doesn’t give you any relief.
  • Do you spend many hours in front of a computer? You possibly suffer headaches from this or even more severe migraine attacks. Another problem could be neck or shoulder pains. Everything you’ve tried for relief has been to no avail so you have to turn to medication. You can’t even find comfort on the sofa trying to de-stress by watching TV. You’re really at your wits end.
  • Do you travel a lot for your job? Sitting for hours on end in the car causes your back to ache. A hot shower or relaxing in the bath after work helps, but only short-term
  • Do you have problems with sleeping? Stress situations are often the cause of sleep apnea. Instead of relieving your aches and pains you end up with more because you’ve been tossing and turning all night. Sleeping has become a nightmare for you.
  • How often do you take medication? This will relieve the pain, but not the symptoms. Taking medication long-term is not advisable as you could have side effects. You don’t want to just exchange one lot of problems or others.

So now you know that medication is not advisable long-term, natural products are not for you and you’re too busy to make appointments at the local spa. Maybe now you realize the benefit of purchasing a Kahuna SM-7300 Superior Massage Chair.

What Parts Of The Body Will Benefit?

There’s really no part of your body that won’t benefit if you use this Kahuna massage chair. Looking back at the first products on the market, they were completely basic. But they did what they were expected to – that is, they gave relief to those suffering from stress by massaging away the tension.

Nowadays we expect much more and you’ll certainly get much more with this product.

Offering so many features this chair has something for everyone, even for larger people. Your whole body will feel as if it is being embraced and massaged by 6 different hands. This is due to the 6 rollers that are included. You’ll even be able to choose from 5 levels of intensity.

But you do also have the possibility of a whole, partial or fixed-point massage. So whichever part of your body needs massaging, you can set the chair to fix on that point.

For your hips there is a special air-cell which compresses to give relief to aching hips. This also helps to align your spine.

Your feet will enjoy the wrap around squeeze massage where the dual air-cells inflate and wrap themselves around the top of your foot and your calves.

There are acupressure points in the arm-rest to promote circulation in your arms and hands and further acupuncture points on the 6 rollers.

For safety reasons there is a cut-off feature after 30 minutes as it’s not advisable for a session to last any longer than this.

What Are The Benefits Of Heat Treatment?

Heat treatment is actually a natural way of relieving pain. It does this by relaxing your muscles so they no longer ache. You can use a heat lamp or take a hot shower or have a hot bath for this. But all of these only offer short-term relief. You’ll find that the relief you get from heat while massaging will last much longer.

Many symptoms can be relieved with heat therapy. Any knotted or cramped muscles will relax allowing your blood to flow freely. This will enable all the proteins, nutrients and also oxygen to reach the areas where they are needed most. This in turn will help your body to disperse of the carbon dioxide easier.

Using heat while massaging can be of great benefit to anyone suffering from ailments such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, injuries, muscle stiffness and also from inflammation of the muscles.

Muscles start relaxing as heat is radiated into them and, let’s face it, relaxed muscles are easier to massage than muscles that are completely knotted.

So you’ll surely agree that massaging with heat treatment is a must for alleviating pain.


Now you’ve read our Kahuna sm 7300 review we’re sure you’ll agree with us that it’s well worth its money. It’s a chair that will relieve your stress level so that tension will flow out of your body. Without having to leave the comfort of your own home you’ll be able to enjoy a massage that feels as though you’re being massaged by human hands. What more can you want than a product that works as a personal masseur at home!