What's the Best Inada Massage Chair?Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

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If you are seeking a regular method for relaxation, as well as full body healing and pain relief, then you know that a quality, high-grade massage chair can help you achieve this goal. But as with almost everything now, the options for brands and manufacturers are extensive and overwhelming.

Though options are plentiful, if you want to guarantee amazing results to your physical and mental well-being, then choosing an Inada chair is the way to go. The brand has many products to choose from, including varying prices.

In this Inada chair review, we will discuss the qualities that make their company the ideal brand to choose, and offer reviews of the best Inada massage chairs to help you know which one will be best for you and your family.

Why Choose This Brand?

When it comes to massage chairs, it's truly is the industry leader. Designed and manufactured in Japan, you can rest assured that Inada chairs are of the highest possible quality.

Japan is the leading country in massage chair technology and manufacturing. Products made elsewhere can only attempt to compete and imitate what Japanese technology and craftsmanship has pioneered and mastered.

But the brand is not great simply because of its Japanese origins. Even among Japanese options, it is the leader in innovation and quality. It is them who has pioneered and patented:

  • DreamWave technology
  • Infrared body scanning technology so their products adapt to each user
  • Truly full-body rubdown with an industry leading 1,200 square inches of body coverage
  • Rotary Rocker Technology

The list could go on. The brand is truly an award-winning industry leader. They have set the standards that everyone else can only attempt to match. While you may have to pay a higher price for their products, you can rest easy knowing that it will still be the best value for your money.

Inada Massage Chairs Reviewed

As mentioned above, there are numerous model options to choose from, all being of excellent quality, but each with their own unique characteristics.

Here are our top picks:

  • 1. Inada DreamWave

  • The DreamWave is the most advanced and complete of all the Inada massage chairs, with the fullest body coverage of any model at 1,200 square inches. The DreamWave covers everything from the upper neck down to the soles of your feet, including arms and hands. It even performs a light traction for the neck.

    The DreamWave comes with a remote that includes 16 pre-programmed shiatsu based sessions, which is more than any other product, as well as over 1,000 manual combinations to choose from. It even has a deep relaxation setting as well as a youth setting, making it the perfect model for the entire family.


  • 2. Inada Flex3s

    The Flex3s model combines, for the first time in a massage chair, therapeutic stretching with full-body Japanese shiatsu rubdown. The focus of this model is stretching and flexibility for better posture to promote a healthier body and mind.

    Additionally, the goal of the Flex3s is to restore and keep the three S-curves along the spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar).

    Some of the key features of the Flex3s are the patented body scanning technology that locates the shiatsu points on each user, its shoulder stabilizers which improve back mobility and flexibility, a light heat to the hands and soles of your feet, adjustable head pillow for ideal neck support, and a remote with 11 pre-programmed sessions and over 1,000 manual combinations.

    For those who wrestle with bad posture or poor spine alignment, the Flex3s massage chair is a perfect aid and solution. Its movements have been expertly designed by physical therapists who know how to correct posture and also bring healing to tense and locked up muscles.

  • 3. Inada YuMe

    The YuMe (“You-Me”) Inada massage chair is perfect for everyone (thus the name). It combines a trifecta of experiences with the signature shiatsu massage plus a rocking motion and LED lights for light therapy.

    The latter two elements make the YuMe unique among Inada chairs, utilizing revolutionary Rotary Rocker Technology developed by the company. The combination of the sensation, rocking motion and therapeutic lights makes this model the epitome of relaxation as well as healing, with its posture correction, neck traction, and targeted massage and stretching.

    Though perfect for all, the YuMe is especially ideal for pregnant mothers to help them relax, and to bring relief to puffy, swollen feet and legs with the proprietary calf rubbing utilizing the thera-eliptical-kneeding rubdown. Add to this the fact that the YuMe has a zero-gravity design, and it is no wonder why they specially suggests this product for expecting mothers.

  • 4. Inada Sogno

    In some ways, the Sogno is the model that began it all with regards to Inada’s ground-breaking work in technology and quality.

    Predecessor to the Inada DreamWave, the Sogno is the first massage chair to offer the greatest and truest full-body treatment, offering 1,200 square inches of body coverage. It is also the product that first introduced the figure-eight motion that would come to be known as the DreamWave technology.

    Sogno introduced the full-body scan which could identify the shiatsu points in each user who sat in the product, and perform a shiatsu relaxing experience mimicking a true human massage more closely than any other model. The Sogno treats the whole body from head to toe, and even has runners that perform iliotibial band massage—the first product to do so, and the only chair until the DreamWave.

    The Sogno includes eight different sessions, including ones specifically for morning and for night, and even has a “youth” session for younger users and/or users with more serious back pain who need a gentler touch.

  • 5. Inada Nest

    The Inada Nest massage chair is an excellent selection for anyone needing a way to escape the stresses of work or home and receive some therapeutic treatment to release tension from the body. A bit lighter and smaller, the Nest is perfect for use in your home or your office.

    It offers full-body treatment, with over 1,000 square inches of body coverage and incredible choreography that will convince you that real, expert human hands are massaging your aches and cares away. It has full arm treatment features, as well as targeted calf and anterior shin massages.

    A unique feature of the Nest is that, in addition to their patented shiatsu point locator, it has a self-adjusting headrest that automatically shifts into a precision fit for each user. It offers over 10 programmed sessions and 16 manual rubdown, with over 300 possible manual combinations. The Nest truly comes alive and customizes a relaxing, healing treatment for every person who takes a seat.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

Inada massage chairs are THE innovators and masters of massage chair technology and excellence. Other manufacturers can only hope to compete, imitating their innovations and striving to come even a little close to the very high bar this brand has set.

Though you will pay higher prices for their products, you know that you are getting the real deal that does not only deliver a mildly relaxing and enjoyable experience, but a truly therapeutic, healing experience for your body and mind.

What is great, too, is that this brand is accessible across the globe, with dealers in the USA, UK, and even Singapore. A great option for those who can’t afford a brand-new model is purchasing a used one for sale, which is well worth the investment. There are many InadaUSA dealers with used options.

Whichever model you may choose, investing in an Inada chair won’t disappoint.