iJoy 2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair Review: Improve Health And Wellbeing With This Interactive High-Tech Machine

Have you reached the stage where you’re so stressed out that you no longer have a private life? Instead of going out enjoying yourself with friends you end up at home complaining to yourself (let’s face it, no one else wants to listen!) about the aches and pains that stress has caused. Even your partner is slowly losing patience with you. If this sounds familiar then it really is time you did something to change the situation.

There are a couple of options open to you – you can have the doctor to prescribe you medication, but don’t forget to consider the possible side effects of that. Or you could book a session of massage treatments at the local spa: But now you’re probably asking yourself: "How on earth can I possibly fit in appointments to my already too full daily schedule?"

Of course, making and breaking appointments is something that will only end up stressing your further. But don’t give up hope! There is another alternative. Namely: a massage chair. There are many good products on the market but we are convinced that the iJoy Premium Robotic Massage Chair is just the one you need.

With the ijoy massage chair you won’t need to take medication or make and break appointments. Instead you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a massage from the comfort of your own home. Having a relaxing massage in the chair after work while listening to music or watching TV is all you need to save your sanity. Maybe you could even consider chatting to your partner while having a massage – you’ll no longer be so stressed that your partner loses patience with you. You’ll soon find yourself relaxing on your way home from work just thinking about that massage that is waiting for you at the press of a button as soon as you get there. Doesn’t that just sound like heaven!

Brief Overview

You’ve now accepted that it really is time to do something to save your sanity (and your partners!) but don’t want to take medication that could have negative side effects. Neither do you want to have to make appointments at the local spa for massage treatments only to end up cancelling them. The third option sounds much better to you – that is: a massage chair.

But of course, with so many massage chairs on offer all with various features how do you know which is the one for you? The answer to that is that you won’t know without informing yourself first. If you’re looking for a product that will relieve the aches and pains that stress have caused, but want the same benefits as if you went to a spa then you should consider the ijoy2580 massage chair.

Making appointments at the spa is practically impossible and you know that the chances of having to cancel them are great – that’s only going to stress you out further.

Instead of that you can fit your massage treatments into any part of the day (or night!) when you have time. Why not start the day with a massage – you’d only need to get up 15 minutes earlier than normal. Or you can de-stress with a massage after work so you’re relaxed enough to be able to meet up with friends again. Just knowing that the chair is there for you to use at any time is enough to make you feel better.


  • Your brain will be stimulated by the massage and thus produce more endorphins. They are the neurotransmitters that the body produces to help cope with pain. They actually reduce the pain messages that reach the brain.
  • With your muscles relaxing you’ll feel like a new person. Your blood will be able to circulate better so that all the nutrients your body needs will be distributed to where they are needed and all the toxins will be removed.
  • ​You probably suffer from backache, which is caused by the muscles near your vertebrae cramping causing the vertebrae to compress. The massage chair is so designed that pressure is taken away from your spine so the muscles don’t cramp.
  • ​Often when you suffer with backache you walk differently to ease the pain. All that happens then is that you put more strain on other muscles instead. In other words – you’re just transferring the pain to another part of your body. Now your back pain has eased, but your legs could be aching instead.
  • ​You may find that your blood pressure rises when you’re stressed: this is because stress causes the cortisol level in your body to rise. By massaging regularly your stress level will be reduced and so will your blood pressure.


  • It’s important to check out the size of the chair before you purchase it. Not only do you need to have enough room in your home for it – they do tend to be rather large – but it also needs to be the right size for you. Check out the chair specifications to see what height and weight limits it has. This is especially important if you are extremely tall or extremely large.
  • As massage helps reduce stress, thus reducing blood pressure, it’s important to check with your doctor that you can use one. If you suffer from extremely low blood pressure it could be dangerous. So better to be safe than sorry.

Product Specs

If you’re looking for value for money, you don’t need to look any further. This chair offers everything – the features are right, the size is right and the price is right! The more expensive products may offer more features, but the chair could be too bulky for you or it offers features that you have no need of.

This leather covered Robotic Massage Chair from iJoy won’t take up too much space in your home and you even have a choice of two colors – black or espresso. What’s more, there’s no need for you to assemble it when it arrives. The chair will come fully assembled. And, for extra protection, you’ll be able to purchase an ijoy massage chair slipcover.

There’s a choice of 3 auto-massage programs to give relief for pain, relief for stress or just for relaxation. You’ll be able to massage your neck and shoulders, your upper back and your lower back. It even has a control panel built in which is easy to use at the touch of a fingertip.

One quite unique feature is the power outlet that is built in to enable you to charge up your cell phone while having a massage. It even has a holder for a cup so you can enjoy a drink while massaging.

The further you recline the chair the more intense the massage will be and reclining it is also simple – just press the button. To control the intensity of the massage there’s also a removable softening pad on the back-rest.

So, if you’re short of space, short of cash and want to do something good for yourself you should think about purchasing this chair. And while you’re at it, you can also order an ijoy chair cover for extra protection.

What Benefits Can I Expect?

There are numerous benefits to using a massage chair, but one important benefit is that by de-stressing you’ll find yourself enjoying your life again. And your partner and friends will enjoy your company once more.

An ijoy massage will give you the relief you need either to cope with the day ahead or to relax from the stressful day that’s just come to an end. You can also let your partner use it to be sure that you aren’t the one who ends up losing patience with their partner.

You won’t need to worry about it being too bulky for your home as it’s more compact than many other brands. It may not offer as many features as some, but therefore it costs a lot less. It will give you all you really need at a price you can afford.

To help you make a decision here’s a list of the important points you should consider before purchase.

  1. What kind of job do you have? If you stand a lot you probably end up with aching legs and feet after a couple of hours. It’s not easy to find relief for such pain and you become irritable. Even sleeping has become a problem because the pain keeps you awake at night.
  2. Do you work for hours on end in front of a computer? This often causes headaches that can turn into more severe migraine attacks. No doubt you end up with your neck and shoulders aching so don’t know where to put yourself. You can’t even relax enough to be able to de-stress yourself by lying on the sofa to watch TV.
  3. Maybe you need to travel long distances each day. Long journeys by car can cause severe back pain. Relaxing in a hot bath at home at the end of the day is great, but does it really help get rid of that pain?
  4. Oh for a good night’s sleep! Because of stress you’re not able to shut off your brain when you go to bed so you end up suffering from sleep apnea as well. After a night of tossing and turning you end up with more aches and pains than you had when you went to bed.
  5. You’ve tried various over the counter painkillers but that’s not something you want to have to keep taking. You never know what side effects you could end up with. You’ve even tried out some natural remedies but they didn’t manage to give you relief and de-stress you. Lastly, those cancelled massage appointments started to become embarrassing and also costly!

Thinking about all this will make you realize just how good an investment purchasing an iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair is.

What Body Parts Benefit From It?

When massage chairs were first launched on the market they were completely basic models. They offered relief for stress related aches and pains and by reducing tension. This chair has kept to the basics but does offer much more today than those of the past. As the name says, it is a robotic massage chair.

You’ll be able to enjoy a massage to the most important parts of your body – namely: your neck and shoulders, upper and lower back. This is possible by choosing from the 3 auto-massage programs offered which will simulate a human hand massage.

You can also choose which mode of massage you prefer from the 4 techniques that give a professional massage that feels as if you’re being massaged by human hands. You can choose from percussion, compression, kneading and rolling. You can even choose exactly where on your back that you want the massage as it has a ‘zone’ option.

Many brands boast about a remote control – but how many times have you had to search for one and this only stresses you out further. For an iJoy massage you won’t need a remote control as there is a built-in control panel that is simple to use.

For extra comfort for your neck and shoulders there is a softening pad on the back-rest which you can customize for the intensity of the massage. You’ll even be supplied with a head pillow so you can just relax in the chair if need be.

It’s recommended for anyone suffering with back pain, but won’t do anything for your arms or legs. It’s suitable for anyone measuring between 4ft 10ins to 6ft and anyone weighing up to 200lbs. If you’re not within that scale then this isn’t the chair for you


As a relationship saving, friendship saving de-stressor this chair is a real must.

You’ll soon find your partner becoming more patient with you, your friends seeking out your company once again and you’ll be able to enjoy your life to the full. What better solution could you possibly find to your problems. You’ll never look back.