What's the Best Human Touch Massage Chair?Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

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Human Touch Massage Chairs are designed to luxuriously complement small spaces without cramping up rooms or cramping your style. These recliners offer relaxing rubdowns for easy stress relief. The Human Touch line comes with a range of prices and sizes. Human Touch offers the perfect integrative and calming sensation without sacrificing space or style. The Human Touch massage chair review sections on this page will show the differences between models and the pros and cons of the brand overall.

Human Touch Massage Chairs Reviewed

  • 1. iJoy-2310

    This model is treasured as one of the smallest, yet effective massage chairs on the market. The small, ergonomic design doesn’t sacrifice comfort or power; this little model packs a strong, relaxing rubdown. The competitive pricing makes up for the simplicity of the product features.

    The iJoy-2310 offers adjustable intensity and three automated programs: one targeting the lower back for sore muscle relief, one that focuses on the upper back and neck to relieve tension, and one that offers a full back rubdown for general relief and relaxation. It’s one of the lightest and most portable products (coming in at 55 lbs.) and the small design means it can fit in cramped apartment living rooms or small bedrooms.


  • 2. iJoy-2580

    The iJoy-2580 is a powerful model for shoppers on a budget. Therapy programs are customizable to tailor the experience to your specifications and preferences. Repositionable pads can increase comfort and be adjusted to best support individual body shapes.

    The built-in control panel leads to less time wasted to find the remote and more time relaxing, as well as improving the aesthetic of the design. Like others of this line, this recliner doesn’t have sophisticated, extravagant features; this is a great option for those who need an all-around solid experience in a fashionable, reasonably sized, and well-priced package.


  • 3. WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

    The WholeBody 7.1 model is one of the most sophisticated of the HumanTouch Line. This product offers a patented Warm Air Technology, fusing heat and air pressure for a dynamic relaxation experience.

    The unique 3D orbital system identifies the tensest areas to apply extra pressure for full relief. The calf and foot massager provides leg soreness relief using the CirQlation Technologies to encourage blood flow, but is retractable for improved aesthetic value. The five automated, pre-installed programs include Sleep, Relax, Lower, Upper, and Full relaxation. The three colors and reasonable size allow for the model to match any room’s aesthetic beautifully. This isn’t one of the cheaper products on the market; this model has a lot to offer, and the high price-tag reflects that.

  • 4. Novo Massage Chair

    The futuristic design of this product can elevate any room to a new level of sleek fashion and style. The seat of the Novo Massage Chair feels like a cloud, with padding surrounding the body to soothe stress and tension. This model comes in five colors—black, brown, cream, red, and blue—to complement any room design. The zero-gravity massage is assisted by the Bleeding Edge technology, which allows for the glutes and thighs be relaxed.

    Due to its unique design, 60% more of the back can be accessed and treated. The Cloud Touch technology uses 36 airbags to offer a brilliant air rubdown. Lumbar heat, an automatically adjusting ottoman, full body stretching, extensive customizability, built in remote, and Bluetooth speakers are just some of the cherries on top of this model. While the design may be a deal-breaker for more traditional homes, this is a great option for any family.

  • 5. WholeBody 5.1 Massage Chair

    The WholeBody 5.1 Massage Chair is the little brother of the WholeBody 7.1 model for shoppers on a budget. The WholeBody 5.1 model offers some incredible features, such as a zero-gravity position and a roll-away ottoman, for the price, and has many more of the bells and whistles than other products in its price range.

    The FlexiGuide technology mimics a masseuse's touch and eliminates the painful pinches that the rollers may cause in other brands. The rollers can be re-positioned using the remove for a more comfortable fit. The swivel base of the model is a feature that not many people think to seek out in a product, but offers boosted maneuverability in a room and allows the chair user to remain part of the action. Three pre-installed automated programs provide tension and soreness relief in 15-minute intervals. Overall, this model is a great product and offers many features that are usually unattainable at that price point.

  • 6. HT-5040 Massage Chair

    The HumanTouch HT-5040 Massage Chair is an ultra-light yet powerful recliner. This model is about half the weight of other products, and makes it a great option for people interested in moving the chair from room to room as needed.

    This model is affordable by eliminating some of the more extravagant features. The sleek black or espresso-colored leather design makes this model seem more like a room centerpiece than a robotic masseuse. The foot and calf massager can convert into an ottoman or fold back for aesthetic and storage, making the model appear to be a regular recliner. The HT-5040 offers a range of intensities for a variety of experiences. Three pre-installed programs—Lower Back, Upper Back, and Full Back—can target specific areas for relief or provide overall relaxation. This is a great choice for those who want a strong, relaxing rubdown without busting the bank.

  • 7. ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair

    This luxury model is one of the most high-end recliners that Human Touch offers. The high price tag comes for a reason: the ZeroG 5.0 model offers an immersive zero gravity experience for full body relaxation. The lumbar region includes heat options to melt away stress from the day and alleviate soreness.

    Four programs (Relax, Retreat, Refresh, and Sleep) provide incredibly unique experiences to lull the user into a calm, meditative state. While functionality is the primary focus of this model, aesthetic has not been compromised. This model comes in black, bone, or espresso, and the sleek design is small enough to avoid cramping a room. The hallmark feature of this model is the advanced zero gravity feature. Human Touch used technology pioneered by NASA to create the ultimate relaxation experience for those who can afford it.

    We highly recommend this model. This Human Touch zero gravity chair will not disappoint you with its amazing features and quality. There's no way that this isn't a good buy for you. 

3 Best Features of Human Touch Massage Chairs:

  • 1. User-Friendly: The Human Touch line is easy to understand and control. They all come with a perfect and simple remote and pre-automated sessions. The one-click program activation offers the simplest, most effective and relaxing experience.
  • 2. Value for the Price: While some of these models can range into the thousands of dollars, each product is incredibly valuable for the money. The more affordable products offer a simple but relaxing rubdown; the more expensive provide extravagant features to make up for the price.
  • 3. Durable: The Human Touch chairs are made with durable fabrics and last for decades. These products are designed to blend with any home style or fashion, allowing for ultimate durability through both physical features and fashion choice.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

HumanTouch Massage Chairs are ergonomic recliners that offer powerful stress and soreness relief in sleek, beautiful packages. As these reviews suggest, there is no single Human Touch perfect chair; each has unique benefits and drawbacks. If you see a Human Touch massage chair on sale, snatch it up quick—you won’t regret it as it is a really great buy.

So, that concludes our reviews on the different Human Touch massager chairs. If you want to check out more brands and models, you can go to our menu up top to navigate through our site.

Good luck!​