Fujita SMK9100 Massage Chair: Relaxing Shiatsu Back Massaging Right In Your Home

Do you have such a stressful job that you suffer from sleep apnea because of the tension you feel? No doubt, this is causing problems in the relationship towards your partner. Let’s face it: Who wants to be faced with a stressed out partner all evening and then be kept awake because of his or her tossing and turning all night long!

You’ve spoken to your doctor and the choices you were given were:

  • To take medication to ease the aches and pains caused by stress and tension
  • Medication to help you sleep
  • Or go to your local spa for massage treatment

You probably laughed your way out of his surgery! You can expect side effects from the medication so why exchange one problem for another! Massage sounds like a really good idea: But where can you possibly fit in appointments with a masseur at your spa when there are already not enough hours in the day for you to fit in everything else!

You’d probably end up out of pocket as you’d have to pay for last minute cancellation of appointments. And if your masseur happened to be a friend of yours, you’d probably lose his friendship as well.

After your visit to the doctor you just felt more stressed than you did before you went there. So, can you possibly do? The answer to that is easy. We have the just the solution you need: The Fujita SMK9100 Massage Chair.

But how can a massage chair possible be the answer to your problem?

That’s also easy to answer: With this chair, you can have a massage whenever you have the desire and time for it without having to leave your home.

What’s more: You won’t lose any money by cancelling appointments at the spa.

Carry on reading to find out more about this excellent product which can do a lot for you.

Short Overview

Fujita have designed a chair that will give you ultimate comfort while you are being massaged. It’s been designed to make you feel as though human hands are massaging you. It even has an electric armrest that’s classed as the first intelligent one ever produced. It enables to chair to be adjusted to suit the different sizes of everyone in your family.

It’s easy to operate so even the youngest family members can use it. Just with the press of a button you can start it or reset it. And, of course, a must for relaxing is the music synchronization feature together with the loudspeakers which allow you to listen to music without earphones.


  • Its ultimate design in comfort enables a massage that is comparable to a massage with human hands.
  • The armrest is adjustable so its suitable for everyone in your family whatever their size – adults and older children alike.
  • ​The footrest can be extended to suit individual heights and the headrest and back pad can be removed and placed to your requirements.
  • ​It offers an infrared location tracing system for automatically detecting and measuring the size and length of spine of each individual person.
  • ​There are 8 different massage courses to choose from, which have 3 width settings, 3 speed settings and 3 air pressure settings.
  • ​The massage heads open and close and it’s possible to choose a different style while you are having a massage. With about 100 acupuncture points in your neck and back you can choose from a Shiatsu massage, deep tissue kneading, Thai Body Stretching or even a Swedish massage to revitalize you.
  • ​You can recline up to an angle of 170 degrees and enjoy a 15-minute massage: Or if you have more time you can enjoy a 30-minute one. The choice is yours.
  • It’s covered in high quality off-white faux leather with black trimmings so it’s suitable for most home decors. It’s on casters so it can even be easily moved to other rooms should you so wish.


  • It doesn’t offer heat treatment along with the massage.
  • Not suitable for extremely large people – only suitable for people weighing up to 265lbs.

Product Specifications

After deciding that a massage chair is the thing for you, you’ll need to take the product specifications into consideration. Massage chairs are not a cheap investment so you should be sure of purchasing one that you’ll get the most value for money from.

The Fujita smk9100 massage chair is definitely excellent value for money due to its excellent innovative features.

If you’re worried about spoiling your décor, forget it! This is one of the more attractive chairs made from off-white faux leather with black trimmings. It can be easily wiped over so it’s completely hygienic. You can even move it from one room to another with no problem as its casters are easy to roll.

Are you looking for a special experience? Then try the stretching of your legs and spine with the Thai body stretching feature or have a neck massage targeted at the ‘tsubo points’ to relieve any stress that you feel. In fact, with its 31-inch stroke you’ll be massaged from your neck down as far as your tailbone all in one go.

For your feet, thighs and legs there are 47 airbags that will massage you to increase your blood circulation. This will help you to feel more vitalized.

Whichever type of massage you choose you’ll be able to customize the experience as there are 3 different levels to choose from.

Of course, to be able to relax completely you need to be comfortable: Comfort is one of the best features of this full body massage chair.

It’s been designed with falling asleep in mind. By lowering the backrest, the armrest automatically adjusts so that you have the best posture for your massage. You’ll feel as if you’re in dream-land!

What’s more: The infrared body scan will detect the size of your body precisely to ensure you get a massage exactly at the point you need it. This is especially beneficial if all family members want to use it: You’re probably not all the same size!

But what is a massage without music? The Fujita massage chair doesn’t only offer music: it offers music therapy! You’ll be able to synchronize your favorite music to your massage and with its external speakers you won’t even need earphones.

If you’re looking for a shiatsu massage chair where you can also choose other kinds of massage the Fujita will be a purchase that you’ll never regret. You’ll look at it as money well spent!

What Benefits Will I Have?

The benefits of this chair are numerous: But if you’re looking to save a relationship that you fear is breaking up due to your stress levels this must come at the top of the list!

It won’t stop you from being stressed at work, but with regular use it will help prevent those aches and pains that come from tension due to stress. You’ll feel less stressed leaving work with the thought of that relaxing massage waiting for you the minute you get home.

At a middle of the range price, Fujita offers a product that will give you ultimate comfort while being massaged. What’s more, you can listen to your favorite music at the same time without using earphones.

Despite it being reasonably priced for what it offers, it isn’t cheap so how do you know that it’s worth your while investing money in such a product?

Check out our list of things you should consider before to know that you’ve made the right choice. You certainly don’t want to throw away your money.

  1. Do your legs ache when you get home from a tiring day at work where you were on your feet all day? Sitting on the sofa with your feet up or even lying in bed doesn’t give you the relief that you are longing for.
  2. Sitting for hours on end in front of a computer can be the cause of those severe headaches. Or maybe you have pains in your shoulders or neck and whatever way you move you can’t find relief. You end up missing most of your favorite TV program because you couldn’t find a comfortable position to sit for watching it.
  3. Maybe you work as a commercial traveler or just have a job where you need to travel a lot. After hours on end in a car you’ll no doubt have backache. Taking a hot bath when you get home is relaxing enough but it doesn’t do a lot for your aching back.
  4. Do you find yourself suffering from sleep apnea? Instead of the sweet dreams you so want to have, you end up with a nightmare situation of tossing and turning all night. This could be because of the tension you still feel, or because of the aches and pains you are suffering.
  5. You’re not a lover of medication as you don’t want to clear one problem only to end up with another when you suffer side effects from it. Making appointments with a masseur at the local spa became another nightmare as you ended up having to cancel most of them. You tried a lot of natural remedies but found you only got short-term relief.

Do you now agree that it’s time you purchased a massage chair? But not just any massage chair – if you want an innovative product at a good price then you need the Fujita Chair.

You’ll be amazed at how soon you’ll start feeling healthier. You’ll feel completely revitalized and ready to face the world’s problems!

The reason for you feeling healthier is that massage helps increase your blood pressure. This then distributes all the nutrients your body needs the right organs. Also, the fact that your muscles tone up will make you feel healthier. With toned up muscles there’s less fear of any unnecessary accidents happening. And, let’s face it: Who wants to have an accident!

Cancelling appointments with your masseur puts extra stress on you: And you thought you were stressed before! Any benefit you’d have had from a personal massage will only get canceled out by the extra stress of having to cancel the appointments.

That’s where massage chairs come in: With just 15 minutes to spare you’ll have the choice of the relaxing experience of a Shiatsu massage, deep tissue kneading, Thai Body Stretching or even a Swedish massage. What more can you possibly want without even having to leave home?

What Body Parts Benefit From It?

Basically, you can expect relief for every part of your body with this product. Unlike the first ever massage chairs which were only designed to help relieve backache caused by stress and tension today’s products are far more innovative. With 47 airbags, you can be sure of a thorough massage.

A back massage uses 6 air bags: with a human hand feeling, your waist, back and shoulders will be massaged gently, but vigorously.

You want a head massage: 4 air bags will help drain away fatigue

For a hand massage: 16 air bags will not only massage your fingers and palms, but also your wrists and elbows.

Try the hip massage: With 3 air bags your hip area will be stimulated thus helping to improve your digestive system.

What about a thigh massage: Your blood circulation will be improved with the 2 air bags squeezing your thighs.

Do you need a knee and leg massage? The acupuncture points of your legs will be surrounded by 6 air bags. This will relax the muscles and ligaments and help blood circulation.

And of course, ankle and sole massage: As a preventative for related illnesses to this area the 10 air bags do their job by massaging effectively.

Besides, you have the choice of Shiatsu massage, deep tissue kneading, Thai Body Stretching or even a Swedish massage. Why not try them all out?


If you want an innovate chair of high quality with a lot of excellent features and offered at a good price then you don’t need to look any further. The benefits you’ll get from the Fujita SMK9100 Massage Chair are enormous. But best of all is the fact that you won’t be putting your relationship under any unnecessary strain: Your partner will love you all the more after she or he has tried it out for him or herself. You’ll soon agree with us that it’s money well spent!