Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair Review: Deal Effectively With Sore Neck And Back Pains

authentic beautyhealth shiatsu arm hand massage chair

As we all live such stressful lives these days we find that we have no time to do anything for our well-being. Those aches and pains that have been caused by stress certainly won’t go away on their own.

Of course, if you find the time, you can seek out a medical doctor who will prescribe medication for you. Or maybe he’ll suggest that you take a course of physiotherapy. As if finding the time to visit the doctor wasn’t enough, you now have to find time again to have a course of physiotherapy!

If your problem is serious then you definitely need medical help, but for those aches and pains that are not so serious your problem has been solved. No need to worry about finding time for anything – you can treat yourself at home at any time of day or night. All you have to do is purchase a recliner massage chair and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

But, with so many products on the market to choose from, how do you know which is the best to purchase?

To help you make a decision read the following detailed information about the Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair. It’s a product that gives excellent value for money as it offers so many features. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel in a very short period of time.

General Overview

The Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair is a must if you are looking for a product that will massage you from your neck down to your toes. It offers 6 programs to choose from so whatever your problem, there’s something there for you.

First you personalize it to your needs with the full 3D back scan. Then you choose which is the program suitable for you from 24 different types of massage. Each of the massage programs even gives a choice of 5 levels of speed. There are also 12 airbags for massaging your calves and feet.

One luxury it also offers is the heat massager so you can set it for heat therapy from head to toe while you are being massaged. Are we already whetting your appetite?

As it comes in a choice of colors, black, dark brown and beige, this means that you’ll find a color that matches your room whatever your home décor.


  • It’s a product that can be used by everyone in the family; young or old and at any time, day or night!
  • With 6 programs, 24 types of massage and 5 speed levels you can personalize the chair to suit each individual need.
  • There are also various types of massage ranging from flapping, rolling, kneading, massaging, knocking and Shiatsu. Again, something for every need.
  • ​The rollers can be adjusted to suit each person individually.
  • It has a combination of 4 air massages that can be set to 2 levels of intensity for massaging your feet and calves. Pure luxury!


  • As the chair is heavy (weighing 265lbs), it’s not easy to move on your own. Make sure there’s a big strong man to help you!
  • Not ideal for anyone who is extremely tall.

Product Specifications

This product is the perfect choice for you if you’re searching for a full body massage chair that does what you expect and is good value for money.

Many electric massage chairs offer a lot of features, but none offer more than the authentic beautyhealth shiatsu arm hand massage chair. This leather recliner massage chair not only offers massage, but also offers heat therapy. This is particularly beneficial.

You can choose from 6 auto programs, namely: Relax, Prescription, Physical Therapy, Health Care, Fatigue and Awake. These provide you with a completely healthy massage from head to toe, taking from between 5 to 30 minutes.

Driven by four wheels the massage hands can be moved vertically to adjust them to your personal preferences. You’ll really get the feeling that you’re being massaged by human hands. What more can you possibly want in the comfort of your own home!

To ensure that you receive a massage that is personalized the chair starts with a full scan of your back in 3D. To enhance the experience even more it is fitted with a Jade heat massager, which supplies heat from your back right down to your feet. This will help to relax your muscles and reduce any pain or tension.

The rollers are adjustable so that it’s suitable for both taller (but not exceptionally tall) and smaller people. You can also adjust the type of massage. It offers flapping, rolling, kneading, massaging, knocking and Shiatsu. The width of the rollers can be adjusted in three positions for your personal comfort. That is Narrow, Medium and Shoulder apart.

If you’re looking for a foot and calve massage then the full body shiatsu massage chair is an excellent choice. The 12 airbags offer 4 combinations in 2 levels of intensity for massaging your calves. For your feet there are 14 airbags.

For an even deeper massage for your feet and calves, there are a total of 10 sets of kneading balls.

To make your experience complete you can choose from 4 intensities for your arm massage. And while you’re about it, why not switch on the MP3 player, which is built in to allow you to listen to music while you are being massaged.

Where Does It Work Best?

Massage chairs have been around for years, but the first chairs on the market were only able to massage away back pains and give a little relief from stress or tension. They’ve really improved immensely since then.

These days massage chairs have become so sophisticated that they aim at relieving pain in every part of your body. Should you suffer with backache, neck pains, pains in your shoulders or feet or just be aiming at a better posture, the massage chair will help. It does this by flapping, rolling, kneading, massaging, knocking and Shiatsu.

You’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed you’ll feel after the first few massage treatments.

  • With the aid of the special 3D scan you can personalize your massage experience so that the rollers hit just the right spots.
  • The built in Jade heat massager supplies heat therapy to your whole body so that your muscles relax. Massage is more effective when practiced together with heat. This is because heat also helps reduce pain.
  • ​You’ll be surprised at how relaxed you feel and how the tension and stress just drains from your body. As massage stimulates your brain it helps it produce more of the pain reducing endorphins needed for relaxation. This in turn will give you a much better feeling of well-being.
  • By customizing the intensity of the features you will be relieved of pain in every part of your body. It’s even great in helping those who suffer with migraine headaches.
  • ​As the rollers are adjustable they can be set to work on exactly the right spot anywhere on your body. You’ll feel as though human hands are massaging you.
  • ​Any pains in your feet, ankles or heels will be massaged away with the help of the 12 airbags and kneading balls.

What Benefits Does It Offer?

Luxury Shiatsu Massage Chair

Before considering which full body massage chair to purchase you should decide for yourself just why you need it. Here are a few points for you to think about to help you make a decision.

  1. Do you spend most of the day sitting in front of a computer or at a desk?
  2. Do you spend a lot of time travelling by car each day and end up with backache?
  3. Do your feet and legs ache at the end of a long day where you have to stand?
  4. Do aching back muscles prevent you from falling asleep at night?
  5. Has everything you’ve tried so far been to no avail?

If you agree with any of these questions then the Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair is definitely worth the investment. You’ll soon start wondering how you ever managed to survive without it.

The most important benefit of the chair is the fact that you can use it at anytime in the comfort of your own home. No doubt your busy lifestyle doesn’t allow you to make appointments with a professional masseur. That’s no longer a problem. This leather recliner massage chair will always be waiting for you at home without you having to make an appointment!

There’s a feature for simply every part of your body. From your neck to your toes you’ll find exactly what you need. You even have the choice of setting the intensity to your personal requirements.

There is a choice of 6 programs, from Relax, Prescription, Physical Therapy, Health Care, Fatigue and Awake that can also be set to your intensity wish.

Its 3D scan ensures that the rollers are set exactly where you need them. No need for you to change them manually to hit the right spot.

This electric massage chair reclines to give you extra comfort. What better way to relax after a completely stressful time sitting in the office or driving in your car? You won’t even get frustrated at having to miss watching your favorite TV program.

The different intensity settings are perfect for individualizing the experience. The more powerful the massage, the quicker you’ll feel the tension leaving your body. An advantage of this is that it helps your blood to circulate better. This could help avoid stress headaches and even help if you have problems with digestion.

It’s important to know that massage helps your body produce neurotransmitters. These are essential for reducing emotional stress and for easing symptoms of depression. Moreover, by feeling less pain, you’ll be able to cope with any other personal problems easier.

What’s more, you can do this within your own home.

What Benefit Does Heat Therapy Offer?

Thermotherapy, another word for heat therapy is beneficial in relieving pain and offering you a feeling of well-being. Heat therapy together with massage is the ultimate relief. This is especially good if you suffer from stiffness in your muscles, any inflammation or injuries to the deep tissue. It is also beneficial for relieving pain in more serious ailments such as arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

By radiating warmth the muscles start to relax. This in turn releases tension giving you that newly born experience.

Heat also helps with many other ailments. As heat helps the blood vessels to open up, your circulation will improve. The temperature of the deep tissue will raise enabling proteins, oxygen and nutrients to circulate. And any carbon dioxide will be removed from your body at the same time.

Headaches or Migraine will become a thing of the past. The cause of these is often due to tension in the neck muscles and the muscles in the upper back. Constant heat applied in these areas will relax the muscles and thereby relieve the pain.

All in all, Heat therapy and massage therapy used together are an ideal combination for alleviating any pain you feel in your body.


The authentic beautyhealth shiatsu arm hand massage chair is without doubt one of the best that money can buy. If you’ve always dreamed of being able to enjoy a massage regularly but could never find the time, then that’s no longer an excuse. This product offers you the height of luxury in having massage therapy together with heat therapy in the comfort of your own four walls.

This is just the right product for you. It will help to relieve you of all that built up tension and stress and make you feel alive again. You won’t even have to miss an episode of your favorite soap as you can set up your television in front of it. It’s probably easier to move the television back into another room than to try to move the chair in front of the television (unless of course you have a big strong man waiting to help you)!