What's the Best Massage Chair?
Reviews & Where to Buy

Are you experiencing pain in your body from stress? Maybe you don’t have the time to unwind with a masseuse regularly or you simply like relaxing in your own home.

Every year, millions of people suffer from back and neck pain, poor posture, stress, and lower quality of life, all because of bunched up muscles. In an ideal world, people could visit a masseuse every week, but due to the constraints of cost and time, that is not always a possibility. If you’re suffering from this, then you need a high-quality masseuse chair.

The highly-rated massage chairs relieve all these negative symptoms and promote better health for both your body and mind. But not all massage chairs are the same in value or price. This is why we have compiled reviews of the best massage chairs for 2017.

Showcasing the best luxury, premium, and affordable recliner, our reviews are specially created to help you discover your perfect massaging chair. Take comfort, relaxation, and health into your hands today.

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

Buying a massage chair is more than searching for sale prices or features to maximize comfort and relaxation—it is wise to always remember that massaging recliners are functional pieces of furniture that promote better overall health, improving your longevity and quality of life. The top massage chairs featured in our reviews are all engineered to improve your health, all while kicking your feet up for a bit of relaxation.

As discussed in our reviews, there are many health benefits to massage chairs, some of which include:

  • Complete full-body relaxation
  • Improved posture
  • Improved circulation
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Stress release
  • Pain relief for back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, and feet
  • Enhanced longevity
  • Better flexibility
  • Better mobility
  • Better deep sleep
  • Improved mood and mental health
blood circulation

Massage chairs support improved health because they increase blood circulation, break down knotted muscle tissue, and help you relax. Deep-muscle relaxation is one of the best things you can do for your health since it’s been shown that stress can take years off a person’s life. Stress manifests in knotted muscles, which can eventually lead to worse problems like pinched nerves, headaches, fatigue, and more. By setting aside even five minutes a day for massaging sore muscles and relaxing your body and mind, you are investing in your health and increasing your life’s longevity.

Some of the massage chairs featured in our reviews offer the revolutionary zero gravity technology. Zero gravity positioning elevates your feet above your heart, optimally distributing your weight and equalizing circulation throughout your body. Optimal weight distribution takes stress off your muscles, spine, and other areas affected by the pull of gravity, making the massaging experience that much more effective. In addition, improved circulation not only helps release muscle tension, but it also enhances the body’s ability to transport nutrients to essential areas. By investing in a massaging chair that offers the best in technological innovation, you can make a serious and rewarding investment in your health.

To find out which recliner is going to be the best for your health, check out our reviews.

Best Massage Chairs Reviewed
(By Category)

Ideal shiatsu

We searched high and low to find you the top-rated massage chairs on the market for 2017. From the finest luxury recliners to premium and sale price options, our reviews are sure to help you find the top product for your relaxation needs and desires.

With so many various options on the market for highly-recommended massage chairs, it is important that you understand how a recliner stacks up against its competitors, the technological features offered, and what category of product your budget is going to allow you to purchase.

Check out our analysis of the market’s top massaging chairs to both jumpstart your search and educate yourself on the best available options just for you.

Luxury Massage Chairs

The luxury massage chairs in our reviews are the best for total body relaxation. All the recliners that we cover in this luxury category feature zero gravity, ultimately offering superior positioning of the body and the best overall experience.

In addition to the cutting-edge technology discussed in the reviews, these luxury chairs are designed to optimize ergonomic comfort. With features such as computer-body scanning for locating pressure points, extensive pre-programmed and customizable massaging settings, lumbar heating, acupressure airbags, and more, the recliners for sale in the luxury chairs reviews will leave you feeling your best.

With technological innovation, mastery of design, and integrating hundreds of years of massaging wisdom, these are going to be your best option all around. They might cost a bit more, but when you work out how it pays off over the years it will be well worth it.

1. Osaki OS-4000

  • This zero gravity massaging chair is a throne fit for royalty. Undoubtedly one of the best massage chair in the reviews, the Osaki OS 4000 features six pre-set programs and a two-stage zero gravity option for its users.

    A computer body scan system maps the curvature of your back for optimal precision while the ergonomically designed S-track conforms the recliner to a variety of spine shapes. Airbag massaging offers the best full-body chair experience, and lower back heating pads loosen the muscles and offer additional comfort.

    Customizable massage settings and five levels of speed and intensity allow you to receive a personalized treatment, mimicking the service you’d receive from a masseuse. Also included in this innovative and luxurious massage chair is a large LCD display with wireless remote recliner settings. Showcasing excellent design and technological innovation, the Osaki OS 4000 is a blue-ribbon choice for the luxury experience. Check our full review to learn more about the specifications and features of this option.


    2. Inada DreamWave

  • Second in our luxury chair reviews and among the greatest options out there, a rubdown in the INADA DreamWave really does feel like a dream. Drawing on traditional shiatsu wisdom and combining it with innovative technology, the INADA model tops the reviews by providing users with a transcendent experience.

    Body scanning technology renders a profile of shiatsu points for a customized experience, while lumbar recliner heating relaxes the muscles. Air-cell dream wave technology offers multiple motion settings, inward, outward, and figure-8 for the best, soothing treatment.

    The INADA DreamWave also comes with 16 pre-programmed sessions and over 1000 possible massaging combinations. Experience the best comprehensive massage in this chair, which covers over 1200 square inches of the body. Even children can benefit from this chair with youth session settings. For the best in the shiatsu recliner reviews, experience the INADA DreamWave. Discover the price listing and more information in our full analysis of this chair.


    3. Human Touch "Novo"

  • Kick back and relax in the Novo zero gravity massage chair. A top contender in our reviews and the world of luxury chairs, the Novo model features 30 different massaging programs, with unique full-body stretching that reduces spinal tension and back pain. Lumbar chair heating technology, an L-track massaging system, and foot-and-calf massager provide full-body relief.

    The Novo is also acclaimed as one of the most highly-recommended recliners for supporting injury and post-surgery recovery and is even endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic. In addition to innovative design, the Novo chair comes packed with multiple language settings, Bluetooth speakers, and an LCD remote. It also comes with a 5-year premium warranty that includes in-home repair services, and parts and frame protection. With excellent features and stellar warranty, this Human Touch chair offers total mind and body relief. Interested in the sale price or other details? See what our full write up in our Human Touch chair reviews.

Premium Massage Chairs

Premium massage chairs offer many of the same features as the luxury chairs, but were selected for our premium category because they tend to have fewer massaging programs and customizable settings. Features like zero gravity also pop up in the premium recliners we’ve covered, but compared to the luxury category, the premium chairs have limited options. Every premium product ranks favorably in our reviews, with some having greatest values at a very reasonable price.

Based on how well each recliner balances sale price, value, and comfort, we are certain that the premium model options offered will satisfy most people’s needs. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, then these are unbeatable.

Start by diving into our brief reviews below and make your way on to read our full reviews to discover whether one of these is going to be the best massage chair for you.

1. Special 2016 Best-Valued Massage Chair

  • The best in the reviews for features and value, the chairs for sale from Ideal Massage feature zero gravity positioning and 4 massaging programs to choose from—rolling, kneading, shiatsu, and vibrations. The 3-D intelligent detect technology makes a session in this recliner feel like a real, humanized treatment, with customizable massaging session times of 5 to 30 minutes allowing you to decide how long you need to be massaged. Built-in heat therapy for the back and therapeutic airbags for the shoulders, arms, feet, and calves provide full-body relaxation.

    Additionally, the 6 foot-kneading balls offer tired feet a much-needed reprieve at the end of a long day. Even more, the Special 2016 also comes with a 3-year warranty on the steel frame and parts. For premium features, a reasonable sale price, and great all-around value, the Special 2016 takes gold in the premium massage chair reviews.


  • Acclaimed in the reviews for value and design, this massage chair for sale from RELAXONCHAIR lets you choose your massaging experience. It features 4 massaging programs, 5 manually targeted settings, 3 airbag intensity levels, and 3 speed controls. As with other massaging chairs in the reviews, the RELAXONCHAIR also has zero gravity functionality for optimal stretching and relaxation. The buttock L-tracking massaging system enables this recliner to provide full-body, deep-tissue massaging while computerized body scanning technology measures the length of the spine to create optimal, therapeutic pressure-point targeting.

    Two lower-back heating pads provide enhanced comfortability, and airbags throughout the recliner apply adjustable acupressure to the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet. Dual foot rollers provide improved reflexology. The name says it all when it comes to relaxation from this massage chair. With numerous features at a decent sale price, the RELAXONCHAIR continues to shine as one of the leading options on the market.

    3. Kahuna Zero Gravity Full-Body

  • This product from Kahuna is one of the best for relaxation, space-saving, and stretching functionality. It features 6 auto-programs, including zero gravity functionality and unique yoga program for full-body stretching. Perfect for small spaces, the Kahuna only needs to be three inches from the wall for you to enjoy its premium features. Computerized body scanning and adjustable airbag massaging technology allows a customizable massaging experience.

    Armrest airbags and dual foot rollers make the Kahuna chair one of the best in the reviews for full-body massaging. The Kahuna model comes with a three-year limited warranty, and the first year covers all labor and parts. This product is also registered with the FDA as a medical recliner. While it has a slightly higher sale price than other options, the Kahuna chair is great value for money thanks to its design and innovativeness.

Affordable Massage Chairs

Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy the comforts of a massage chair. The reviews in this section showcase our top choices for the cheapest and most affordable massage chairs available.

While these options are going to lack in features, massage settings, or cutting-edge technology compared to the luxury and premium massaging chairs, they still do a great job in providing optimal comfort for an impressively low sale price.

Budget-friendly don’t have to equate with low quality after all. If affording one of the higher priced products just isn’t in the cards for you, then selecting one of these highly-rated, affordable chairs is definitely going to be your best option. Ranked by sale price and available features, the sale massage chairs will prove to be a steal. Read the reviews to find out which cheap massage chair on sale is best for your budget and needs.

1. Real Relax Full-Body Zero Gravity

  • Get comfortable at an affordable price in this model from Real Relax. Best in the reviews for sale price, the Real Relax features four massaging programs and zero gravity functionality for full-body stretching and optimal comfort. Designed with 8 massaging points in the back-support area and equipped with 35 airbags, the Real Relax is engineered to provide comprehensive, total body relaxation.

    A built-in heater within the seat warms the muscles in preparation for the massage, while also improving circulation and metabolic functions. Seat massaging settings include vibrate, heat, and air-squeeze so you can choose the pressure setting to suit your comfort level. Best of all, the Real Relax is made of premium, high-quality leather and is backed by a three-year warranty. At such a low sale price, the Real Relax is truly one of the best in the reviews for affordability that doesn’t sacrifice quality and design.

    2. iJoy-2580

  • Rated for its sale price and convenience, the iJoy 2580 makes it easy for you to relax. The iJoy features 3 massaging settings for back refresh, shoulder and neck relief, and lower-back relief. It can be reclined to a near 180-degree angle using the power recline functionality, and a removable softening pad allows you to control the intensity levels.

    A built-in control panel features user-friendly programming, and a integrated power outlet makes it easy to charge your phone while enjoying a massage. A cup-holder in the armrest makes this recliner optimal for refreshment and reinvigoration. Compact to make the most of a small living space, the iJoy model is a great choice for urban environments. With so many features that keep the user’s comfort and convenience in mind, and at such a reasonable price, the iJoy model is a top contender thanks to its affordability and functions.


    3. Electric Full-Body Shiatsu

  • A strong runner-up in the reviews for best sale massage chairs, this model from BestMassage is designed to relax the muscles, reduce fatigue, and rejuvenate the body and mind. Powerful shiatsu rollers conform to the contours of your back, and 30 airbags provide compression and percussion effects for improved posture, mobility, and flexibility.

    Additional massage heads target the tsubo-points in the neck for enhanced stress relief. Further, this recliner offers a long massaging range extending from the upper neck to the tailbone region, providing a deep, full-body treatment. High-powered vibration and adjustable intensity levels allow users to choose the style that works best for them, with the fully-automatic mode; from BestMassage coming with a one-year warranty. Pairing functionality and a great sale price, this BestMassage chair is a steal.

Massage Chair Buying Guide

When searching for the best massage chair, it can be handy to line up your priorities before delving into your search. In addition to looking at recliner details like features, sale price, and reviews, there are other concerns and points you need to address too. Getting your priorities in order helps to narrow your search in a market flooded with thousands of options.

Let us help you figure it all out. Below is a list of questions to keep in mind to guide you on your search through the reviews for the best massage chair.

What's your Budget?

  • This might seem like an obvious one, but massage chairs can be expensive. So, understanding your budget is crucial to guaranteeing you aren’t overcommitting or setting yourself up for disappointment down the line. It’s a good idea to narrow your search down by setting a sale price range. At the same time, some of the best massaging chairs can cost a pretty penny. Since they are investments for your health and comfort, it can be a good idea to leave some room for flexibility in your budget.
  • What Features are you looking for?
  • Some people want a massage chair for the greatest possible health benefits, while others want a product that has the best value in terms of features and sale price. Massage chairs come with multiple features, so prioritizing the major ones that you require will make your search of the reviews much easier. Features in our reviews that you should consider include:
    • Massaging programs and variety
    • Various massaging settings—kneading, pulsing, vibrating, shiatsu, rolling, tapping
    • Zero gravity functionality
    • Massaging arm, leg, and foot rests
    • Lumbar heating pads
    • Partial or full body massaging
    • LCD display
    • Wireless remote vs built-in control panel
    • Cup holder
    • Phone holder
  • Where will you put your massage chair?
  • This is a concern especially for people who have smaller living spaces. Fortunately, many of the options in our reviews are compact enough that they don’t require much space, even when fully extended. Check the reviews for details about space efficient massage chairs.
  • What is the cost-value ratio?
  • brown recliner

    As with any investment, you’ll want to make sure the massage chair you choose has the best cost-value ratio. This is particularly true for those aiming to purchase a recliner that is priced on the lower end of the spectrum. If the product has a great sale price but only a few features, then it is important to consider if it is worth investing in at all?

    Sale prices can be a misleading way to shop for recliners, especially since massage chairs are not only designed for relaxation but also for improving your health. The best products may have higher sale prices, but they also have cutting-edge technology and higher-end quality. As you go through the reviews, look at the sale price and the features and decide what gives the best value for your specific requirements.

  • What warranty is offered?
  • Whether they’re luxury or budget massage chairs, they should come with some type of warranty. Warranties can cover the frame, miscellaneous parts, shipping, and even labor. Because even the good massage chairs are subject to wear and tear, a warranty is a great benefit and should not be overlooked. Some recliners on sale might have low sale prices because they don’t come with a warranty, and a lack of warranty can often be a sign of low quality. Check the reviews to make sure the massage chair you select offers the greatest value possible (inclusive of a warranty) for the sale price.
  • What do the reviews say?
  • Our reviews offer unbiased analysis with the sole purpose of getting you the best massage chair possible. With extensive detail and objective comparisons, our reviews aim to be the most comprehensive, informative, and user-friendly portals on the market. But don’t just check our reviews. Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, see what customers have to say on Amazon for the recliner(s) you’re interested in. These reviews can give insight as to how the chair stacks up in real life situations.

5 Most Popular Massage Chair Brands

guy on a recliner

If you’re not sure where to start on your search, it can be helpful to know some of the big-name brands in the massage chair industry. The following are product brand reviews that briefly go over some of the common characteristics associated with each brand and the kind of features and quality you can expect from these industry leaders. For more in-depth analysis, sale price listings, and specs of what each brand has to offer, check out our full-length brand reviews.

1. Panasonic

  • Panasonic has long enjoyed a solid reputation for high-quality technology and home devices, and the same holds true for the massage chairs they have for sale. The company actually has several massage chairs for sale, which are discussed in detail in our full-length brand review. With recliners available for luxury, premium, and affordability, Panasonic has something to offer no matter what your sale price range.

    As with all their technological devices and appliances, the Panasonic massaging chairs get great reviews for some of the best quality and reliable, long-lasting technology. All that being said, the company has yet to come out with zero gravity chairs. If you are shopping by brand and considering Panasonic, it is worth asking yourself whether the technology in their options are actually worth investing into.

    Click Here to Read Our Panasonic Massage Chairs Review

    2. Inada

  • This company has definitely made a name for itself in the massage chair industry. In fact, their DreamWave chair is ranked highly in our luxury massage chair review. Their line of excellent massage chairs maximize comfort without skimping on aesthetic appeal. With sleek designs and a commitment to producing products with true therapeutic qualities, Inada shines in the brand reviews and is certainly one of the best brands on the market.

    Their products combine the best of ancient massaging techniques and modern technological innovation, especially with their zero gravity massage chairs. For the sale prices, the Inada massage chairs are some of the best in terms of cost-value ratio. See the Inada brand reviews for more detail and sale prices, or check out the full-length DreamWave review to see if this is the massage chair you’ve been dreaming about.

    Click Here to Read Our Inada Massage Chairs Review

    3. Human Touch

  • This company makes several excellent massage chairs, two of which made the list in our reviews: the Novo, featured in our luxury product section; the iJoy-2580 featured in our affordable product section. Human Touch chairs have fair sale prices for the features they offer, making them a good choice for the cost-value ratio. If you’re willing to invest in a recliner with a higher sale price, Human Touch chairs offer zero gravity functionality, health optimizing design, numerous massaging programs, and more.

    For their lower sale price recliners, Human Touch still offers great quality massage chairs that optimize comfort and relaxation. In terms of variety in design, function, and sale price, Human Touch is one of the best and most diverse brands. Learn more about the brand in the Human Touch brand reviews or see the individual reviews of Novo and iJoy-2580 for sale prices and more information.

    Click Here to Read Our Human Touch Massage Chairs Review

    4. Infinity

  • For the sheer quantity of products that they have for sale, Infinity has come to dominate the massage chair market. They offer numerous massage chairs in a range of sale prices, so it’s easy for buyers to find something to suit their needs. Their massage chairs with higher sale prices are effective for therapeutic value and feature zero gravity functionality, spinal decompression, and more. But these features don’t apply to all their massage chairs, which is why buyers should be on their toes when looking at Infinity chairs.

    Some of their recliners may lack these high-quality features, meaning Infinity is another brand where you’ll want to compare sale price to value before making a decision. Overall, Infinity is a reputable brand, and depending on the sale-value ratio, they can be a solid investment. Head over to our Infinity brand review to discover more about the sale prices and specifications.

    Click Here to Read Our Infinity Massage Chairs Review

    5. Osaki

  • Save the best for last, or so the saying goes. Osaki has distinguished itself for having some of the best chairs on the market. There’s a reason the Osaki OS-4000 is our pick for the best in the luxury massage chair reviews. With computer body scanning, zero gravity functionality, ergonomic S-track designs, innovative airbag technology, lower back heating, luxurious design, and more, the Osaki massage chairs are the greatest when it comes to quality and design ingenuity.

    Best of all, Osaki offers these advanced features at shockingly reasonable sale prices. With sale prices that maximize the cost-value balance and luxury features, Osaki ranks in top overall for massage chairs. Read the Osaki brand reviews for more detail, or if you’re ready to buy, consider the Osaki OS-4000 reviews for features, sale price, and other information. See for yourself why Osaki continues to reign supreme.

    Click Here to Read Our Osaki Massage Chairs Review

For more details, sale price listings, and brand analysis check out our full brand reviews to learn if there is a brand that you feel is best for you

Some FAQs

What is a massage chair?

lady on a recliner

Invented in the 1980s, the massage chair was introduced to the public as an in-home furnishing that could emulate the techniques of renowned massaging schools and physiotherapy programs. A massage chair is like having an in-home masseuse that also acts as the best, most comfortable reclining chair. Designed to reproduce the effects and techniques perfected by various massaging schools for centuries, massage chairs are technologically-innovative reclining products that give the feeling of an authentic treatment performed by human hands.

Depending on the recliner, there are numerous massaging techniques that can be carried out, including deep-tissue rolling, shiatsu massaging, muscle kneading, vibrations and more. Nowadays, massage chairs are also feats of technological innovation, with capabilities like computer body scanning, zero gravity weight distribution, and adjustable acupressure from airbags. The top massage chairs will go above and beyond providing comfort and relaxation, by also offering various health benefits. Check out our reviews of the best luxury, premium, and sale price massage chairs for more information.

What is a Zero Gravity massage chair?

An innovative technology that is revolutionizing the sale of massage chairs in the industry, a zero gravity massage chair optimizes weight distribution and promotes improved health and circulation. The technology, now for sale to the public, was originally inspired by NASA and mimics the position that astronauts are secured in during take-off. By lying with the feet elevated above the heart, zero gravity positioning reduces the impact and stress of gravity. The best massage chairs make use of zero gravity functionality to optimize weight distribution and relieve muscle tension.

What is a Shiatsu full body massage chair?


Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the shiatsu massage school, a full-body shiatsu massage chair uses various kneading and rolling techniques to target certain pressure points, loosen muscles, and release pent-up stress and negative energy. The best massage chairs in our reviews often feature shiatsu treatment as one of their many program settings. The most technologically advanced of these recliners also implement computer body scanning to identify and target the various pressure points on a person. Check out our reviews to see if your pick offers shiatsu techniques.

How does a massage chair work?

There are several ways that a massage chair works. At its most basic level, a strong frame within a comfortable recliner is enhanced with heads, rollers, and other mechanisms that produce the treatment sensation. However, advancements in technology have also led to the implementation of airbags that use varying pressure levels to produce massages of different intensities.

A portable massage chair will have some sort of computer embedded within the structure that, when the user selects a certain setting, will set these various mechanisms in motion to create the treatment. Advancements in computer technology have allowed massage chairs to work in a variety of massaging techniques, such as Swedish massaging, shiatsu massaging, deep-tissue kneading or pressure-point targeting. Some of the greatest massage chairs also feature zero gravity positioning, which uses gravity and weight distribution to create the most optimal conditions for relaxation and stress release.

By using various technologies, a massage chair not only produces the most relaxing treatment for your comfort and relaxation, but also works to support improved health, circulatory functioning, and mobility.

Can you buy a massage chair from Amazon?

amazon logo

Yes, absolutely. There are, of course, brand-specific websites, but Amazon is a great market for finding and comparing numerous massage chairs across brands, price ranges, review ratings, and more.

However, before heading to the market to find a sale of the best massage chair, it is recommended that you do some careful research. Sure, Amazon customer reviews can give specific feedback about a particular product, but they rarely (if ever) provide reviews of that massage chair in comparison to reviews of multiple other massage chairs. That’s why we highly recommend checking out our numerous reviews of massaging chairs before making a final decision. We’ve dedicated tedious man-hours to research and bring you the most well-rounded, versatile options on the market.

We offer reviews of the best luxury, premium, sale-price, and other categories of products. Our reviews are unbiased and comprehensive, covering brands, features, sale and value ratio, and more. To find the greatest massage chairs for both your relaxation and health needs, peruse our user-friendly and informative site. Our reviews cover the best on Amazon, helping guide you to the best chair for your needs.

What is a massage chair weight limit?

The weight limit for a massage chair varies from product to product, but typically the range is anywhere from 200 to 440 pounds. The best massage chairs are engineered with robust steel framing or other heavy-duty metals. The maximum weight capacity can be an important consideration, particularly if you are considering a massage chair with zero gravity functionality since that particular setting positions the user in a recumbent position. Although the zero gravity setting evenly distributes weight, it is best not to overload the equipment for risk of damage, ultimately straining and shortening the life of your investment. Read the individual reviews for further detail on maximum weight capacities.

Although the recliners in our reviews are engineered for adults, there is not a minimum weight limit for a massage chair. In fact, some of our massage chairs even have youth settings, making them great for the whole family. To learn which of the products are best for your weight limit and other specifications, head over to the individual chair reviews that will offer thorough information, like weight restrictions.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

We hope that our reviews of the best massaging chairs for sale on the market will help you find the recliner of your dreams. Our site aims to guide you on your path to buying your massaging chair, which is why we’ve created an easy to follow portal toward making your purchase today.

Whether you’re interested in a popular brand, a luxury, premium, or the best sale priced chair, our reviews will help make your decision simpler and give you peace of mind. We figure that when it comes to making such an investment into your health and happiness, you deserve to be equipped with as much information possible.

Start on the straightest path possible when making the most worthwhile investment in your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing by reading our full-length reviews today.